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Collaborate and Innovate

For over 20 years we have delivered high-end training for individuals and businesses working within the broadcast and digital sectors.

Through TRC training, careers have been transformed, new start-ups established, international business secured, skill shortages tackled, business strategies reframed and invaluable networks formed.

Our reputation as one of the UK’s leading training providers has allowed us to provide unrivalled access to the world’s most
innovative companies.



We've worked with some of the brightest minds in the UK's creative sector.



We've helped individuals and companies embrace change, risk, competition and innovation.



We work with companies in Scotland and throughout the Nations and Regions of the UK.



International meetings secured in Silicon Valley, New York, Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam...

TRC is, and indeed has been for many years, the training provider that everyone trusts. They are the organisation trusted to deliver on the sectors’ needs and they understand the challenges individuals and businesses face in the extremely competitive world of making telly.

Jane Muirhead, MD of Raise The Roof Productions and Chair of the TRC board

The digital economic is of growing importance to the Scottish economy, and critical to its future development is a well-trained and talented workforce. The work of TRC media is critical in this respect, with the success of its programme being felt many years into the future

Hugh Aitken, Senior Partner, Strategic Partnerships, Skyscanner

Stay Connected

Team TRC is working from home

TRC Update

Team TRC is working from home. If you’d like to get in touch, please email, call or zoom - we’re happy to hear from you! We've also listed some useful links for the broadcast and digital sector in this blog.

Ben Frow visits Scotland with TRC

Ben Frow visits Scotland with TRC 

Look who's here!  Director of Programmes (ViacomCBS Networks UK) Ben Frow and C ...

"How to be an Immersive Creator" Bootcamp kicks off with StoryFutures Academy and TRC

Creatives and immersive producers based in Scotland and Northern Ireland to bene ...

Kirsten Murray

Kirsten Murray

Special Edition Alumni

Kirsten Murray is an independent Art Director and Designer.

Kate Bordwell

Special Edition Alumni

Kate Bordwell is Head of Digital Strategy with the creative agency The Union.

David Strachan

International Alumni

David Strachan is Managing Director of Tern TV.