Meet the Delegates: rad Scotland

rad is a paid eight-month traineeship within a Scottish independent television production company which
includes full training throughout the placement. The programme is aimed at those who are underrepresented
in the TV industry: those either with a disability, from black, Asian or ethnic minority communities or from
disadvantaged backgrounds.

Here are the brilliant delegates of this year’s programme.

Alf Payne

Alf Payne, Researcher, BBC Science

Alf is a creative scientist who, through broadcast media, aims to bring together his
mutual passions of science and storytelling. After receiving first class honours in undergraduate
Chemistry from Cardiff University, he moved to Glasgow in 2021 to study towards a PhD. In his spare
time, Alf has volunteered in media and events, working with Scottish filmmakers, digital radio
stations and music festivals. After experiencing life behind a camera, he decided to take a step
away from academic research to pursue science communication work and is grateful to trc media and
BBC Studios for providing his first experience in the TV industry.

Annie Bowles headshot

Annie Bowles, Researcher, IWC Media

Annie has always been interested in telling stories, asking who listens, who watches
and who speaks? Graduating from the University of Sussex with a degree in English, Annie moved to
Glasgow to pursue a career in arts and media. After studying the Creative Writing MLitt at the
University of Glasgow, she co-created literary and arts zine chewgulpspit with a band of fellow
creatives and local arts organisations. Annie is passionate about championing voices who are often
silenced or go unheard. Being obsessed with television from a young age, she is fascinated with how
the medium reflects and mirrors the current cultural moment. She is delighted to be given the
opportunity to learn and put her skills into action in the industry.

Caitlin Auld headshot

Caitlin Auld, Researcher, BBC River City

After graduating in Marketing in 2012, Caitlin initially started her career in PR
& Events. She particularly enjoyed the storytelling aspect of brand development as well as live
event production, working on festivals and large scale events. Caitlin is passionate about social
issues that face women and children, particularly those from socio-economically challenged
backgrounds. She has worked and volunteered within charities that tackle: maternal employment
rights; positive childbirthing; infant feeding and helping young families in the asylum system. In
2018, she also created her own online platform that served to highlight free or low-cost resources
and activities for parents in Scotland.

Jonathan Kennedy headshot

Jonathan Kennedy, Production Assistant, Sunset + Vine

Jonathan has worked extensively in Scottish theatre and events for the past Eight
years. During this time working in producing, receiving, and touring theatre in a wide range of
roles from stage technician to venue/site manager, with coming on onboard with TRC Jonathan is
making the leap to television to learn and expand his skill set but also to utilise existing

Kelsey Burke headshot

Kelsey Burke, Production Assistant, Hello Halo

Glasgow native and life-long lover of film and television, Kelsey graduated from
Edinburgh Napier University in 2022 with a degree in English and Film. She was inspired to pursue
higher education to further investigate the power of storytelling. Excited to embark on her career,
Kelsey is passionate about championing diverse narratives and amplifying marginalised voices. She
hopes to contribute to a more inclusive media landscape.

Lucy McKenna headshot

Lucy McKenna, Production Assistant, Firecrest

Lucy graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Masters of Arts in Film and
Television Studies. Throughout her studies, Lucy directed and produced several short films, and
worked on others including a Gaelic film that garnered multiple nominations at the Gaelic Film
Awards 2023. In her pursuit of excellence and to further explore her passions in storytelling, Lucy
also attended the renowned Met Film School in London, where she gained valuable experience in
directing and producing. This opportunity allowed her to refine her skills and immerse herself in
the thriving film industry. Lucy is excited to embark on a journey of growth and learning. She
recognizes the quality of experience and opportunities that lie ahead and is eager to contribute her
talent and dedication to our team.

Sadie Heather headshot

Sadie Heather, Researcher, Tern

From a small town in the central belt, Sadie has always dreamt big, regardless of
anyone else’s doubts. It has always been her dream to be involved and working in the television and
film industry. From making home movies, to promoting school trips with self-made films, Sadie knew
she wanted to study this further and is now graduating the University of Stirling, with a Film and
Media degree. With volunteering for the women’s football team at university as Head of Media and
runner experience with the BBC, she is more than ready, in fact over the moon, to get stuck into
this traineeship and see what amazing opportunities it brings.

Wacera Kamonji

Wacera Kamonji, Researcher, Hopscotch

Wacera Kamonji (she/her) is an Edinburgh-based theatre and film graduate and
creative cultural practitioner. She has worked in various roles within festivals and grassroots
organisations from sales and marketing to curating programmes for film festivals. She hopes to
develop her work in film production and curation. Through collaborations with organisations and
artists, she creates space for BIPOC and economically disadvantaged people to apply for roles and
receive training and education and showcase their work to a wider audience. Wacera’s mission is to
encourage diversity within the creative industry both on and behind the screen.

Linda Zake headshot

Linda Zake, Production Assistant, STV Studios

Linda Kima Zake, a Latvian native now residing in Edinburgh, has harboured an
unwavering passion for the visual arts from a young age. Delving into the realms of photography and
film, she embraced experimentation and honed her skills, leading her to showcase her work in
esteemed film festivals. Fascinated by unscripted TV, Kima actively sought opportunities to expand
her knowledge in the field. Alongside her artistic endeavours, she demonstrated her keen
organizational prowess by spearheading events like the Baltic Anime Festival (now UniCon) and
hosting enchanting roleplaying camps for Harry Potter enthusiasts during summers. While working in
various customer service roles, Kima seized every chance to upskill and thrive in her multifaceted
journey. Beyond her creative pursuits, Kima is deeply interested in the abolition movement and
transformative justice, advocating for a more equitable and compassionate society.

Amarah Butt

Amarah Butt, Researcher, Raise The Roof Productions

Amarah, a passionate film and TV enthusiast, has a diverse background that has
shaped their deep appreciation for the world of entertainment. With a keen eye for storytelling,
they have always been captivated by the magic of the silver screen. From a young age, Amarah
immersed themselves in a wide range of films and TV shows, exploring various genres and styles. This
exploration fueled their curiosity and ignited a desire to understand the intricacies of film/TV
making. Their interest extends beyond watching, as they also enjoy analyzing and discussing the art
of cinematography, character development and narrative structure. With an appetite for knowledge,
Amarah continues to delve into the ever-evolving world of film and TV, always seeking to expand
their understanding and share their insights with others.

Laura Menzies headshot

Laura Menzies, Production Assistant, Red Sky

Laura studied Contemporary Art in Perth and then made the move to Glasgow to pursue
a career in the creative industries. She has spent the last few years working as a graphic designer
in the music industry where she has worked for artists, venues and record labels throughout the UK.
Laura is now bringing her artistic flair and creative skills developed through her previous work to
the television industry