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Reset is a paid eight-month traineeship within a Scottish Animation, Visual Effects (VFX) or Games company which includes full training throughout the placement.

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2024 delegates

2023/24 delegates

2023 delegates

2022/23 delegates

Calum Purse

VFX Production Co-ordinator - FIX FX

Caroline McGregor

IT Assistant - FIX FX

Conor Kennedy Burke

Production Co-ordinator - Revenant

Paige Hughes

Business Development - ISO Design

Kieran Docherty

Production Co-ordinator - Blazing Griffin

Keira Robertson

Production Management Assistant - Keelworks

Colin Paterson

VFX Production Co-ordinator - Fix FX

Kelly Stewart

Production (Art) - Blazing Griffin

“I feel like I have grown as a person since joining TRC, I think having the opportunity to experience my prior goals for work has been essential in moulding a new goal.”

Tom Graystone

Trainee Studio Manager - Wild Child Animation

Errin MacDonald

Post Production Co-ordinator (Film) - Blazing Griffin

Lauren McCreadie

Production Assistant - Illuminated Entertainment/ Wojtek Animation

Darcy McNeill

Studio Manager - Interference Pattern

Samantha Medlam

Scene Prep Artist Layout/Animation - Wild Child

Kristina Tsenova

Artist - Interference Pattern

“Through RESET I have now been able to meet professionals from the industry and exchange stories and experience, which has been very useful and motivating for me :)”

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