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Get paid to train as a TV researcher with rad: TRC's new training programme for new and diverse TV talent.



Are you a production company based in the Nations and Regions producing factual, factual entertainment, specialist factual or entertainment programmes? Are you looking to win big, high value commissions? Are you looking to develop ideas of scale for the next big returning series?

Cross Creative


Cross Creative is TRCmedia’s transformative training and development programme for senior tech / creative professionals in Scotland’s digital media sector.



TRC’s International training programmes give participants the professional knowledge and training required to gain a competitive edge on the international stage.

Look East


Look East was a TRCmedia introduction to Asia Markets and Investment, hosted in Glasgow in March 2018.

Short Courses

TRC run a series of short courses for broadcast and digital professionals in Glasgow and beyond. Short courses include negotiation, public speaking, leadership skills and more.

Inspiring Digital Leaders

Inspiring Digital Leaders works in a completely different way to any other internship programme. Five agencies. Five disciplines. Five talented graduates. Ambition applies here.


CrossCreative:Immersive is TRC’s transformative training and development programme for Immersive companies throughout Scotland’s digital sector.

Leading Creatives

ScreenSkills Leading Creatives in association with TRC is a virtual leadership programme for Heads of Department working in film.

Taking TV Development Online

Taking TV Development Online 

Remotely running your development meetings? Learn  how to connect and collaborate creatively with your team!