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SuperSizing Development Teams

SuperSizing Development Teams is TRC’s newest creative development programme for indies.
Following on from the success of SuperSizer, our signature training programme for Development Executives in the Nations and Regions, SuperSizing Development Teams aims to maximise creativity and embed and nurture the development process across the full team.


SuperSizing Development Teams will look to fully embed the role of Development Executive and maximise creativity across the entire development process within an indie by addressing four key areas:

  • Creative Leadership: the qualities and principles needed to lead great creative teams
  • Creative Facilitation: developing new and innovative ways of working to get the best ideas and create a network of skilled facilitators that can work across the whole of the company. 
  • Pitching: working with your whole development team on the art of the perfect pitch and developing a compelling story to help you sell your ideas
  • Communication and Ideation: How to develop ideas across your team in a constructive and collaborative way. How to give and receive feedback and the importance of developing resilience across the whole team.

SuperSizing Development Team will run from January to April 2023 approximately. The training sessions will be held both online and in-person.

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