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Holly Cocker

Holly Cocker is currently a Director at Hey Sonny in Sheffield where she heads up the Development Team as well as shooting and PD-ing on projects.

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What made you apply to Supersizer?

I wanted to expand my network of commissioners and meet other Heads of Developments in other companies, especially other indies. It can be quite a lonely job and you don’t often get to meet other people that do the job (unlike other jobs in television) so it was amazing to be connected to sixteen really talented Development Executives. It meant that we could discuss our ideas and experiences and share contacts, so it was a really brilliant experience.

What did you gain from the programme?

I gained tons of new knowledge about the commissioning process, audience insights, pitching, creating new ideas and development. I also gained some really great new friends and colleagues. We’ve got a group where we ask other questions and advice, which is so helpful in the world of development because it can sometimes feel really lonely but this makes it so much easier.

One of the most important and interesting things we learnt was how to have a difficult conversation. That means whether you’re having to let someone go or you’ve got to ask someone a difficult question but it was really really helpful. I think that’s something we all shy away from and never know how to deal with it properly. This course has given us the tools to deal with difficult conversations and I now feel a lot more confident doing that.

How do you think SuperSizer will help your career/your company progression?

I think Super Sizer has really helped with our company’s plans. It’s given us new links to people from different channels, who we may not have ever had the opportunity to connect with, so we could meet and explain about our little indie as we often get lost amongst the bigger indies. It’s nice to have that connection and on a personal note it’s been great for my career.

What advice would you give to someone applying to SuperSizer?

I’d say definitely apply for SuperSizer. It’s an amazing opportunity and it’s a lot of fun. It’s great to make more connections and meet similar people to you. It’s also really nice to feel part of something, especially during the past year when lots of us haven’t been working or having been working from home. Even though our sessions were all on Zoom it was really nice to feel part of a group that felt really similar to me. And we were all there for the same thing, we were all supporting each other. I feel like I’ve made this new group of friends who I can rely on for a bit of support and advice now. If you don’t get in, keep on applying. I think it’s something that you should be encouraged to come back to. Please do apply! It’s a really great opportunity.

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