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Christine Morrison

Christine Morrison joined SuperSizer as the Founder of Corcadal Productions.

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What made you apply to Supersizer?

I run a small indie, Corcadal Productions, and have been developing, pitching and producing content for BBC ALBA for many years. I wanted to grow my business and try to break into new markets. I applied to Supersizer as it seemed like an excellent opportunity – to find out more about all aspects of the development process and to develop my professional skills and networks. I was also attracted by the opportunity to get to know development colleagues and find a support network in development.

What was your biggest takeaway?

Supersizer was a great experience for me. I learnt so much from the many sessions on a wide range of topics and gained new insights into the commissioner’s world.

The sessions on creativity and pitching with Colin Savage and the personal development sessions with Sarah Cartwright on resilience, influencing and managing conflict were particular highlights.

What made Supersizer such a special experience though was the fact that learning took place in a group. My fellow Supersizers are a brilliant bunch and we got to know each other well. Development can be a lonely job and I don’t think the impact of the support and learning from other Supersizers can be overstated.

How has SuperSizer helped you with your career?

I learnt a lot from the whole experience, and feel much more confident in my approach.

The opportunity to meet with commissioners at the end of our course was very useful and to have the chance to pitch to Channel 5 as part of this was invaluable. Supersizer has given me real opportunities to break into new markets that are already bearing fruit.

What advice would you give to someone applying to SuperSizer?

Go for it, you won’t regret it! It is such a unique opportunity to get to know and learn from other people who do what you’re doing, to find a support network, meet commissioners and to learn lots about all aspects of the development process. The sessions focused on improving personal effectiveness are also excellent.

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