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Dean Webster

Dean Webster joined SuperSizer whilst working as Head of Development at Ten66 Television.

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What made you apply to Supersizer?

I wanted the opportunity to learn more about television development, a role you very rarely get training for, and meet other development executives. The course looked like a great way to build my skillset and network with other people in television – particularly commissioners. I liked the access the course had to a wide range of trainers, speakers and commissioners, and felt the course would help me in my current role and allow me to move up later in my career.

What was your biggest takeaway?

The biggest takeaway was that we’re all in the same boat! We often operate in silos in development, competing against other producers and production companies to win commissions, but having open and frank conversations with the other delegates and television professionals showed me that we all work in similar ways, have unique but skilled ways of pitching and face the same issues at work.

How has SuperSizer helped you with your career?

The sessions on ideation, management and audience insights have had an immediate impact on the work I do and will benefit me throughout my career. The connections made with commissioners have been instantly helpful and I’ve continued the relationship with commissioners met on the programme. And the network of development executives has proved invaluable – we still keep in touch to this day and have become friends.

What advice would you give to someone applying to SuperSizer?

Don’t hesitate in applying, just go for it. There are crucial learnings for everybody on this course and it is so much more than training sessions.

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