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Kate Bordwell

Kate Bordwell is Head of Digital Strategy with the creative agency The Union.

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After returning from maternity leave, Special Edition opened my eyes to endless opportunities.

I’d been working at a leading digital agency for five years with no formal training. Special Edition came at the perfect time, as it can be daunting returning to work after having a baby. The programme gave me the confidence to jump straight back in and have self-belief.

The field trip to San Francisco was really inspiring, sessions from leaders of global companies ignited a spark and I returned bursting with ideas and new practices to share with my agency. I’ve never been a shy person, but Special Edition has given me the strength to put my ideas forward and not be afraid of suggesting new ways of doing things.

Don’t wait on your employer to enroll you on a course – be a self-starter and take your career into your own hands. Read widely, use social media as a networking tool and keep on top of the digital pulse. And of course, apply for Special Edition. You won’t regret it!

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Special Edition is an original training concept by TRC.

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