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We’ve trained over 50 women on our Special Edition programme featuring delegates from agencies such as Whitespace, Frame, After Digital, Dog Digital, ISO Design and Skyscanner.

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2023/24 delegates

Stephanie Lindsay

Director of Delivery & Marketing - Dog

"Special Edition made me realise it was ok to be an ambitious, career-driven woman with a want to a succeed. We all entered the course with a touch of imposter syndrome but left confident and focused on our future."

Lynn Banks

Director of Production - Screenmedia

Louisa Gallie

Chief Creative Officer - Hunted Cow Studios

Laura Weatherhead

Full-stack .NET Developer - Spun

Kirsten Murray

Freelance art director, designer, and copywriter

Jen Thomson

UX and Digital Product Designer

Audrey Mason

Founder and CEO - Mantra

Romana Ramzan

Game Design Lecturer - Glasgow Caledonian University

"A life changing experience that has given me a new perspective on how to approach business and my own personal life."

Yolander Yeo

Designer, Director - VS + YO

Mhairi Towler

Founder and CEO - Vivomotion

Rebecca Thompson

Business Development Manager - Film City Futures

Darcie Tanner

Founder - Darcie Digital Co

Leanne Anderson

Performance Advisor - Inspiring Scotland

Frances Irvine

Head of Client Services - Whitespace

Cat Leaver

Director - Brand Scotland

Kate Bordwell

Creative Lead, Open Experience - RBS

2022/23 delegates

2021/22 delegates

2020/21 delegates

2019/20 delegates

Carolyn Barbour

Senior Xamarin Developer - Boundary Technologies

Liah Moss

Senior Designer - Whitespace

Kirstin Watson

Head of Strategy & Creative - Innovation Digital

Rachel Ward

Senior Designer - After Digital

Suzanne Bennett

Account Director - Frame

Victoria McFadyen

Senior Content Manager - Bright Signals

Victoria Shepherd

Head of Content & Communications - Care Sourcer

Kirsty Burns

Digital Account Director - Dog Digital

2018/19 delegates

Leigh Dobson

Client Service Director - Signal

Anne Grieve

Associate Creative Director - AmazeRealise

"Get ready for your confidence to soar, your networks to broaden, to learn you can do things you never even dreamed of! That’s the Special Edition experience."

Alanna Innes

Product Owner - XDesign

Justine Leahy

Head of Production - ISO Design

Serina MacDonald

Associate Director of Data & Analytics - IProspect Edinburgh

Laura Thomson

Strategy and Communications Director - Cause + Effect

"Previous delegates had told me Special Edition was ‘life-changing’. I wondered how one course could really impact a life in such a big way. And it wasn’t until closer to the end that I saw how much it’s changed mine. I wish every woman in digital across Scotland could go on Special Edition and realise their dreams too."

Iris Winter

Senior Developer - Wyoming Interactive

Kari Yoshime

Senior Designer - LEWIS

2017/18 delegates

Ceri Shaw

Engineering Lead - Prudential

"Special edition gave me the skills I needed to step up to seize the opportunity to step up to Head of Engineering. Without the skills I learned and what they lead to, I would likely not even have realized the opportunity was there."

Laura McHard

Creative Technologist - Frame

Claire McGarry

Managing Director - Wireframe Immersive

Helen Reid

Marcomms Strategist - Dog

Joanna Jakubowska

Senior UI Artist - Creative Assembly

Lynsey Briston

Customer Success Lead - Sustainably

Searra Dodds

UX/UI Designer - Seawolf Graphics

2016/17 delegates

Terresa Aitken

Project Delivery Director - SIgnal

Sarah Johnson

Director - Indigo Leap

"I would say that Special Edition changed me but in fact it didn’t – it amplified me. I came out more ME that I have ever been – a more focused and courageous version of myself. My ambition grew, my self-belief grew and my determination grew. I have realised that I went in with all of these things but Special Edition empowered me and gave me the courage to accept my ambition - and own it!"

Laura Boyle

Lead Analytics & Insights Manager - Dog

Kaye Symington

Co-Founder - Paved with Gold

"Taking time out of your business is really hard to do, but that one day a month at TRC is some of the best time I've spent. I have a renewed confidence, I feel focused, in control and excited about the future."

Danae Shell

Co-Founder and CEO - Valla

Claire Wood

Associate Planner - Leith

2015/16 delegates

Vuokko Aro

Design Director - Monzo

Llara Geddes

Head of UX - User Conversion

Cassie Anderson

Account Manager - MD Consulting

Lauren McKellan

Senior 3D Artist - Rivet Games

Alex Durussel-Baker

Product and Service Design Consultant

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