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What made you apply to Factual Fast Track?

I was invited to apply after an indie put my name forward – I wasn’t aware of the scheme but once I understood its remit, I applied. As a freelancer, it was great to be offered industry training to get to another level in my career and I also wanted to expand my network of co-workers and industry leaders. To gain training by industry leaders was a huge draw as training has pretty much always been on the job.

What was your biggest takeaway?

The biggest take away I have gained is the differing ways each of the broadcasters and streamers commission shows and their preferences in the pitching process. The competition is very strong and to get commissioned, the ideas have to be distinct and focussed.

How did the Factual Fast Track programme help with your career?

FFT has been incredible in helping with my career and advanced it ways that I had never considered prior to being part of the scheme. With several Series Producer credits under my belt, I was hoping to learn more at this level whilst aiming for Executive Producer roles once I’d completed but having been mentored by a Channel 4 Commissioner, it was not long before an offer came through by the channel to become a Commissioning Executive in the Daytime and Features department. An offer that was hugely appreciated!

What advice would you give someone applying for Factual Fast Track Scotland and Northern Ireland?

I would advise future applicants to throw themselves in to all the masterclasses and sessions provided by TRC and to prepare for each one so that they are ready to get the most out of each discipline/area of expertise. I would also advise to connect socially with the other cohort members as this is a valuable networking opportunity and one that can also support during the year.

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