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STAS Mentoring
STAS Mentoring was created by the Screen Training Alliance Scotland (STAS) to connect Mentors and Mentees across the screen sector in Scotland.

Screen Training Alliance Scotland is a partnership of industry-based training providers. The members of the alliance are BECTU Vision, Screen NETS, NFTS Scotland, Outlander Training Programme, Film City Futures, and TRC.

We are looking for people with the following attributes.

You need to have

  • at least 5 years relevant, current industry experience

Ideally, you'll...

  • want to share your experiences and knowledge
  • want to encourage others
  • want to develop and create a stronger, supportive inclusive industry

If you are successfully selected to be a Mentor, you will be added to our pool of Mentors. From here, you will be given the opportunity to access Mentor Training. 

After this, we aim to carefully and purposefully match Mentors and Mentees to ensure the best outcome for everyone.  

As a result, please be prepared to wait to be matched with a Mentee. Please also be aware that you may never be matched with a Mentee, depending on demand.


If you have at least 5 years relevant, current experience in the screen sector and would like to be a Mentor, please apply here.

During COVID-19, all interactions will take the form of remote meetings over Zoom or by phone with additional support via email.

This may be subject to change when the rules and regulations surround COVID-19 are updated.

We understand the value of the time and effort required to Mentor. Therefore, we can offer a small Honorarium of £75 per monthly session for Mentors who are freelance or self-employed.

The Mentees will be selected from the training programmes delivered by the STAS (Screen Training Alliance Scotland). These include (but are not limited to):

  • BECTU Vision's Producer Development Programme and Stepping-Up Programme
  • FilmCuty Future's FOCUS Bootcamp
  • NFTS Scotland students in the following courses: Production Accounting for Film & TV (Diploma), Screenwriting – Finding Your Voice (Certificate), Producing Your First Feature (Certificate).
  • Screen NET'S Talent Pathways Programme
  • Outlander's Trainee Programme
  • TRC's rad programme

Screen Training Alliance Scotland is a partnership of industry-based training providers with a strategic approach to the skills development of Scotland’s screen sector. The members of the alliance are: BECTU Vision, Screen NETS, NFTS Scotland, Outlander Training Programme, Film City Futures, and TRC.


For over 20 years we have delivered high-end training for individuals and businesses working within the broadcast and digital sectors.  Through TRC training, careers have been transformed, new start-ups established, international business secured, skill shortages tackled, business strategies reframed, and invaluable networks formed. 

We will align our participation to our rad2021 programme.  Rad is an inclusive approach to developing broadcast research and development talent. For rad2021 we are taking on board learnings from last year’s programme alongside the impact of COVID19 and the new challenges production companies will face meeting new diversity targets. We have 12 trainees matched with 9 production companies.  

BECTU Vision

BECTU Vision delivers targeted short courses and a drama training programme of activity to support the skills development of crew in Scotland.

The Mentoring Scheme will support 6 mentor/mentee pairings for participants of our Producer Development Programme and Stepping-Up strand:

The Producer Development Programme supports practitioners with keys skills to become Scotland’s TV producers of the future.  The programme connects participants with a production company for a year long pairing for shadowing, access and relationship building. 

Our Stepping-Up strand provides bespoke training solutions for the most in demand areas of skills shortages as identified by annual consultation with industry.  Previous priority areas have included, Production Co-ordinators, Electricians, Grips and Script Editors.  


Screen NETS

Screen NETS develops and delivers on the job training and career support programmes for new and recently entered practitioners.  Our ethos is to widen access to the industry for all and to support and guide trainees to develop their skills and experience, build their contacts and establish their careers while developing a professional approach and good working practices.   

Our mentors would be a mix of local Scottish based for when employment and work experience opportunities are key to assist and UK wide mentors for where more intensive skills/career development is key.

Our aim would be to seek mentors also from diverse backgrounds and in departments where they are too, underrepresented.

NFTS Scotland

NFTS Scotland, Scottish hub of the National Film & Television School, offering short course, certificate and diploma training spanning creative, craft and technical skill areas in development, production and post-production, in both scripted and unscripted production.


Film City Futures' mission is to create growth for Scotland’s screen sector whilst enabling access and entry to the screen industries for all - acting as a catalyst for participation, learning and innovation. The company currently manages FOCUS, a business development initiative delivered in partnership with Scottish Documentary Institute, and funded by Screen Scotland. Film City Futures also works in partnership with Glasgow Film to deliver Short Circuit, Scotland’s film talent development scheme, funded by Screen Scotland and BFI NETWORK.


Outlander Season 6 – HETV

Outlander Trainee Programme and Outlander Tasters. All Outlander Trainees are mentored by their Head of Department/Training Manger as part of the Trainee Programme. These mentoring relationships run for the duration of the Traineeship which is approximately 6 – 9 months’ work training and can extend post the Traineeship. Approx. 20 trainees/mentees and mentors per year.

Apply to be a Mentor

If you read our FAQs and think you're ready to apply, submit your application below.