Meet the Rad Class of 2019

It seems like only yesterday that we launched Rad: our new researcher training programme for people starting out their career in television. But just like that, the pilot year of this exciting new programme has come to an end, and eight new bright and brilliant researchers are fully trained and ready to join Scotland’s thriving TV industry.

Rad is a traineeship for new talent from diverse backgrounds, who might never have considered a career in TV. As part of the programme, 8 trainees undertook a 10-month paid placement at an independent production company and received training from TRC to give them the best possible start in their new career.

Looking to crew up for your next production? Keep an eye out for these names! (Or if you work in the industry and would like to be connected with anyone here, get in touch with TRC)

The Rad Grads

Charlotte Hall

Trainee Researcher
Matchlight Films

“Rad has undoubtedly launched my career (and life!) into the stratosphere. This time last year I
was working in a pharmacy, unable to get a start in TV for various reasons, and now I’m working
on a 10 part series for BBC One, that I helped develop. My confidence has grown hugely with
everyone around me noticing and pointing it out to me. I now feel prepared to go out into the
industry and start paving the way for, what will hopefully be, a long and successful career in
the industry.”

Chris Walker

Trainee Researcher
Hopscotch Films

“It’s not an exaggeration by any means to say that TRC’s RAD program arrived at the moment I
needed it most. I have always wrestled with feelings of low self esteem and feelings of
unworthiness… To me someone without Cerebral Palsy would be stronger, faster and have more
endurance to handle the industry… Applying for the Rad programme led to a paid job in the
industry I’ve always coveted, seeing my name in the credits several times, learning and
learning, meeting other creatives. TRC’s RAD programme allowed me to believe when I couldn’t
believe in myself.”

Liga Gutane

Trainee Researcher
Two Rivers Media

“In these 10 months, I have been part of amazing productions, I have been to shoots, have fallen
through the rabbit hole of the archive world, have brainstormed, written briefs, have spent days
buried in wonderful and terrifying research topics. And I have enjoyed every minute of it.
Before I always felt like my diversity was written on my face and I had to do everything to hide
it; now I feel like I have found a way to be confident and skilful without losing my identity or

Chantel Ng

Trainee Researcher
Raise the Roof

“This has truly been a blissful year for me, to be working in such a professional, well organised
company, and the best place to work in TV where staff are valued and well looked after. I am
forever grateful for this amazing start and turning point in my career. I hope this scheme will
carry on and see more talents embarking on this journey that I’ve been on.”

Rhiannon Walsh

Trainee Researcher
BBC Studios, Pacific Quay

“During my time both at BBC and throughout the workshops at TRC I felt supported, catered for and
most importantly listened to as someone who tends to have more requirements than most when it
comes to access, mobility and energy levels. The scheme provided me with amazing opportunities
and support along the way. I feel much more confident in knowing what exactly a researcher does
and more importantly, I have acquired the skills to do exactly what a researcher does.”

Annie Butcher

Trainee Researcher
Scotland/Mentorn Scotland

“The content of what I have learnt over the past 10 months is hard to quanitfy. What I can say is
at this level in my career, I had no idea of level of responsibility and creative license I
would be given. It shocked me every time, from interviewing famous faces, to casting research,
carrying out background checks for contributors – I could never have imagined the breath of what
I would learn this year.”

Sean Dunlop

Trainee Researcher
IWC Media

“This experience has been truly life changing! I feel like I’ve learned so much more in these
last few months than I’ve done in a lifetime. There have been many challenges but I’ve faced
them head on even when I was scared. I’ve always been interested in being involved in TV and now
here I am doing it!”

James M. Macleod

Trainee Researcher
Blazing Griffin

“Because of the rad programme I have arrived, and I’ve no intention of slowing down now.
While I have struggled with my pain and fatigue over this time, I know it could have been much
worse were I forcing myself into something like a Runner role because that’s what I’d been told
was “the way in”. Blazing Griffin’s support has meant the world to me and helped me feel a part
of a world that I have longed to be a part of for most of my life. By the end I didn’t feel like
an add-on or an intern, but a thoroughly impactful member of a team.”

And that’s a wrap! We’re so proud of each of these brilliant trainees, and can’t wait to see where they go next.

Find out more about rad or
get in touch if you’d like to be connected to any of our rad grads!