Meet the Delegates: Special Edition

It’s a new school term here at TRC and we’re kicking off our training programmes for 2019/20. In the past month we’ve
launched the third edition of SuperSizer, announced the delegates of the first ever CrossCreative:Immersive and hosted our second Special Edition training session with
some brilliant women in digital.

Special Edition is TRC’s professional development programme for ambitious women in
digital and technology roles who are ready to take their career to the next level. It’s a six-month programme
that offers formal training to boost confidence, improve entrepreneurial skills, expand professional networks and
progress your career in digital.

We quizzed this year’s group on what they love about their job, top career advice and quotes to live by.

The SpEd class of 2019/20

Kirstin Watson

Head of Strategy & Creative

Kirstin oversees the creative team at Innovation Digital (ID), an 18-year-old agency offering digital
and creative services to a variety of clients including NHS, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Go
Ape and Worldwide Cancer Research.

As Head of Creative and Strategy, Kirstin is responsible for delivering and directing brand, campaign
and digital projects, ensuring they engage and inspire the client’s audiences and ultimately fulfil
their goals. She is also currently overseeing a major rebrand of the agency, which will launch in
late 2019.

If I could give any piece of career advice it would be…
to surround yourself with
all kinds of people who have different experiences and backgrounds. You never know what you might
learn from them. Oh and also to listen to your gut! I feel like mine has guided me well on many an

Someone I admire is…
Simon Sinek. The way he presents his thoughts and theories
on branding, leadership and business is so concise and engaging. His TED talk “How great leaders
inspire action” is one of my favourite talks and I use it regularly to get our clients to really
think about what they want from their brand and business.

Victoria McFadyen

Senior Content Manager
Bright Signals

Bright Signals are a creative content agency built around a simple yet powerful concept – two heads
are better than one. Content Managers work in pairs, dealing directly with the client whilst also
generating exciting creative concepts. This allows us to move at breakneck speed and truly live and
breathe the brands we work on.

As a Content Manager, Victoria leads on all account handling, strategic planning and creative content
development for her clients – including Whyte & Mackay Ltd and Ian MacLeod Distillers. Victoria
always aims to produce exceptional digital content that elicits an emotional response and builds
strong brand recall.

The best part of my job is…
The people. I’ve always been interested in the
psychology of marketing and so much of my job is about understanding how and why people act the way
they do. From really understanding the problem the client is trying to solve, to delivering
compelling content that resonates with consumers; I enjoy exploring what makes people tick.

My favourite quote/saying is…
Author Toni Morrison put it beautifully when she
said “If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else”. I really believe it’s
important to lead by example and be the type of respected leader that supports the wider team.

Kirsty Burns

Digital Account Director
Dog Digital

Dog is an independent agency with a growing team of more than 80 staff across offices in Glasgow,
London and Singapore. Through its core disciplines – marketing, creative design, and developing
technologies – Dog helps clients change, evolve and grow through customer experiences that
positively impact business performance.

Kirsty has worked for Dog for 5 years, managing a diverse range of global clients in FCMG, finance,
sports and the public sector. As a passionate Digital Account Director, she is responsible for the
commercial and strategic leadership of many of Dog’s clients. She leads strategic direction to
deliver high quality digital solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives.

My favourite quote is…
Fortune favours the brave

I got into digital because…
I started off my career in the events industry and
quickly realised how much growth potential there was in digital. It’s is an ever-evolving industry
with absolutely no sign of slowing down.

The thing I’m most proud of is…
Going to uni in my mid-twenties and getting a
first-class honours

Carolyn Barbour

Senior Xamarin Developer

Boundary technologies is a consumer security hardware and software startup. Boundary aims to bring
affordable, effective and pro-active home security to the masses via innovative, market leading
technology products.

Carolyn Barbour was the first developer hire and is responsible for creating and delivering the
mobile application which is the main platform customers will use to operate their alarm system. She
strives to deliver an amazing experience for users and help build and lead the mobile team.

My favourite quote/saying is…
“We are, each of us, a product of the stories we
tell ourselves” – Derren Brown

The best part of my job is…
Being able to use the application I’ve helped build –
it’s very rewarding.

If I could give any piece of career advice it would be…
Know your worth.

Liah Moss

Senior Designer

Liah is an Edinburgh-based senior designer working at creative agency Whitespace.

With over seven years of experience under her belt, she’s created an array of work spanning across
digital, brand, campaign, environment, art direction and illustration, with her aesthetic approach
often merging bold colour with a distinct sense of play.

She recently won Best Young Creative at this year’s Nod awards and has also recently been published
in She is Fierce magazine. On the side, Liah mentors students part-time and is part of Whitespace
Women – an initiative encouraging more women to get into the creative industry.

The best part of my job is…
Being given the space to think creatively and being
around such inspiring and talented people

Someone I admire is…
Jessica Walsh

If I could give any piece of career advice it would be…
You already have a ‘No’,
but if you try it could be a ‘Yes’!

Suzanne Bennett

Account Director

Frame is an independent creative communications agency made up of over 80 people from advertising,
PR, media, social, and development. For 30 years, we’ve been making work that matters to deliver
joined-up, effective marketing solutions.
Suzanne Bennett is an Account Director overseeing large
website builds, managing fully integrated creative campaigns and leading on new business pitches.

With over ten years agency experience, working in the UK and Sydney Australia, she was ranked one of
the top 30 digital females under 30 in the UK by The Drum, was digital blogger for HeraldScotland
and has led on strategies for Kleenex, Nutella, The Macallan and NHSScotland.

My favourite quote/saying is…
“Wherever you are, be all there” Jim Elliot. My
daily motto to stay focused, be in the moment and keep distractions to a minimum which applies to
all aspects of my work and family life.

Someone I admire is…
social psychologist Amy Cuddy. I’ve been following her ever
since her inspiring 2012 TED talk on the power pose and faking it until you become it.

The thing I’m most proud of is…
my incredible two year old son, Aaron.

Rachel Ward

Senior Designer
After Digital

After Digital are a strategic digital agency with over 20 years experience in delivering
award-winning digital solutions. They offer expert consultancy to organisations primarily in the
arts and culture, education and third sector industries.

Rachel Ward is Senior Designer, working with clients to create solutions that improve their online
presence by focusing on providing an outstanding customer experience. She fuses well-researched
technical expertise with innovation to ensure each project expresses the individuality of the
client. Rachel leads the creative team at After Digital, providing motivation, mentorship and
ensuring the end-user is considered at every stage of the project lifecycle.

My favourite quote/saying is…
“Digital design is like painting, except the paint
never dries.” – Neville Brody

The thing I’m most proud of is…
the BIMA 100 award I received last year. It’s the
first time I’ve received an award, personally, within the industry and to be nominated by my peers
for an organisation I respect so much was very cool.

I got into digital because…
I’ve always been fascinated by computers, and how
things work. As I child, I always liked to make things and as an adult I’m pretty much the same. I
love that in digital things are always changing – that appeals to me and I love being in a career
where we don’t know what we’ll be making in 5 years time.

Victoria Shepherd

Head of Content & Communications

Care Sourcer is one of Scotland’s fastest-growing digital businesses, an online comparison and
matching site that directly connects older people who need care with businesses who can

Victoria Shepherd is the Head of Content & Communications. She guides the Marketing
team to make sure anyone looking for care can easily find and understand the service, and feel
supported throughout their care journey. Victoria is especially proud of being part of a company
tackling one of the huge challenges of our time through innovative tech.

My favourite quote/saying is…
‘Growth is uncomfortable’ – this was said to me by
a boss and mentor, and it’s something I think about a lot when the going gets tough. To develop and
grow and improve isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

If I could give any piece of career advice it would be…
Your people skills matter
just as much as your practical skills and good companies will value this. In the real world,
learning to listen, collaborate and communicate are as valuable as your qualifications.

If I wasn’t working in digital my alternative career would be…
An investigative
journalist – I’m relentlessly inquisitive and could happily spend hours disappearing down research
rabbit holes to dig for the truth.

Woman in digital keen to invest in your career? Find out more about Special Edition. We’ll be working with this brilliant group over the next six months, so keep your eyes peeled for more!