Line Producer Programme: Stage One Review

In December 2017 we delivered stage one of the HETV Drama Line Producer Programme, funded by the High End TV Levy Fund managed by Creative Skillset and supported by Creative Scotland and NI Screen, in association with Yorkshire Screen.

Experienced screen professionals from a range of disciplines (Production Managers, 1st ADs and Location Managers) from across the Nations and Regions participated in a week of training at our offices in Glasgow, equipping them with essential skills to make the move to the role of Line Producer.

“The course equips you with the tools and confidence to work in the industry as a Line Producer and knowing that you have had training from great industry experts really helps!” – Katy Engels

“This was a great opportunity to stop and think about how I do my job, where I’d like to go next, learn new skills and make new industry friends.” – Clare Kerr

Our wonderful trainees (available for all your Line Producer needs!) are:

  • Bob Farrell – Schedule Manager at Emmerdale
  • Clare Kerr – Production Manager and Line Producer
  • Katy Engels – Currently working as Line Producer on The Cry
  • Mick Pantaleo – Currently working as UK Line Producer on ‘Gomorrah’
  • Robert Boake – Location Manager on Game of Thrones
  • Andrew Wilson – Location Manager
  • Anna Purkis – Production Manager

Training covered Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling, Finance, Post Production and Managing Difficult Conversations. Our Head Trainer for the week was a leading Line Producer and sessions were delivered by experts in their field, including a Production Coordinator, Production Accountant, and Managing Director of a prominent Post-Production company.

“Getting the chance to talk openly with fellow industry professionals away from the pressured and rushed environment of an actual production was fabulous. Discussing their work in an educational and relaxed setting it was a truly unique experience and both fascinating and rewarding.” – Andrew Wilson

“I think the programme should be available to more people and more often. There are many people who could benefit from such a programme. The line producer’s course has helped open my eyes to the world of production and encouraged me to make my move into line producing” -Mick Pantaleo

The delegates are now preparing for the next stage of the Line Producer Programme which will involve mentoring/shadowing on a drama production. This will allow each trainee to use the skills learned during the intensive training week and put them into a practical context. Details coming soon!

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