Andrew Dobbie joins TRC board

We are delighted to announce that Andrew Dobbie has been appointed to the Board of TRCmedia

Dobbie was one of the 2015 delegates chosen for TRC’s highly competitive flagship Cross Creative programme: a transformative training and development course for senior tech and creative professionals in Scotland’s digital media sector.

As part of the programme, Andrew and fellow delegates benefitted from workshops aimed at tackling business challenges and growth opportunities along with building confidence, ambition and determination to succeed. Cross Creative also provides privileged access to some of the world’s most innovative tech, creative and digital companies through a field trip to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Andrew says:

“TRC’s Cross Creative initiative in California, where we met companies like Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox, was a game-changer for me and others who made the trip. To spend quality time with senior guys in their working environment was the kind of education and learning curve that would be hard to find anywhere else on the planet. So, it was an easy ‘yes’ for me when asked to join the team, contribute to the next cycle at TRC and be an ambassador for all the great things they do for the digital business community in Scotland and across the UK.”

Joint Managing Directors of TRC, Claire Scally and Margaret Scott said:

“We’re excited to have Andrew on board, not only because he understands the nature of what we do and its value to the wider industry but because he brings considerable digital and business expertise to the team as we plot our strategy for 2017 and the years ahead.”

See the complete list of TRC board members here.