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Majella McNeaney

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What was your overall impression of the programme?

SuperSizing Development Teams gave us the gift of time and space to step outside the creative chaos of development, and simply regroup, reflect and recharge.

We had insightful conversations and moments of epiphany that wouldn’t have happened without the course. As a team, we came away with a clearer strategy and a deeper appreciation of our individual strengths and how to capitalise on them going forward.

What made you apply to SuperSizing Development Teams?

We applied because Firecracker team members have previously benefited from SuperSizer and loved it. SuperSizing Development Teams was a no brainer.

What advice would you give to someone applying to SuperSizer?

If you’re thinking of applying for SuperSizing Dev Teams, my advice is to grab the chance while you can. The course provides quality time with your development team, boosting creativity by learning new ways of thinking, strategizing and developing ideas. Execs, producers and researchers all taking part together, creates a comradery and sense of trust, fun and openness that can’t be achieved in your own brainstorming / creative sessions. Insight from incredible facilitators helps identify obstacles to success and surprisingly simple ways to overcome them. Learning alongside other development teams is refreshingly reassuring and might be the therapy you didn’t know you needed. Every team deserves the chance to be SuperSized. It’s guaranteed to be time well spent.

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SuperSizing Development Teams is an original training concept by TRC.

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