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Companies such as Whitespace, Tag Games, Tanami, MadeBrave, Axis Animation, Cut Media, Hydrogen, Innovation Digital, Biome Collective and Front Page have taken part in our Cross Creative programme. Hear from some of our alumni below.

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2024 delegates

2023/24 delegates

2023 delegates

2022/23 delegates

2021/22 delegates

2020/21 delegates

2019/20 delegates

Jo Watts

Founder - Effini

2018/19 delegates

Anne Brooks

Founder and CEO - Minute HR

Brian Baglow

Co-Founder and CEO - Jukebox Labs

James MacIver

Senior Technical Lead - Streamba

Jemma Goba

Founder and Managing Partner - Tanami

Martin Boath

Creative Director - Front Page

Scott Downie

Chief Technology Officer - TAG Games

Tom deMajo

Founder and Director - Biome Collective

2017/18 delegates

Charlie Bell

Creative Director - Whitespace

"The course has genuinely changed the way I think. Even if I wanted to go back to the way I was I couldn’t. The positive knowledge has been burned into my brain cells."

Robert Fyfe

Design Team Lead - CitiNow

"Cross Creative has truly changed how I approach work. It’s given me actionable steps throughout the programme."

Stu Thomson

Director - Cut Media

Daniel Rae

Co-Owner & Director - Hydrogen

David Buchan

Managing Director - Innovation Digital

Nadeem Sarwar

Founder & CEO - Organised Health

Ali King

Data Engineer - Spiritus

"The Canada trip was fantastic in providing insight into business practices and contacts for future collaboration."

Angela Prentner-Smith

Managing Director - This Is Milk

"Cross Creative has enabled me to tackle real personal and business issues and take action. I've come away inspired with new visions"

2016/17 delegates

2015/16 delegates

2014/15 delegates

2013/14 delegates

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