Fair Work First Policy

TRC is committed to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First Policy. Fair Work First is the Scottish Government’s flagship policy for driving high quality and fair work, and workforce diversity across the labour market in Scotland.

Fair Work First Policy

We are committed to advancing the Fair Work First criteria through the following actions:

Appropriate channels for effective employee voice

This includes:

  • supporting staff voice through regular staff consultations and surveys.
  • engaging in constructive dialogue with employees to address workplace issues and disputes
  • offering supportive contact with Line Managers.
  • implementing measures to support employees in the workplace and have a zero tolerance of bullying and other forms of abuse and harassment.

Investment in workforce development

  • We provide staff training at the beginning and throughout the duration of employment.
  • Learning and development are also encouraged though individual development plans and agreed participation to events, courses, and training.

No inappropriate use of zero-hour contracts

  • We do not use or issue zero-hour contracts.
  • Our contracts reflect agreed regular working hours and patterns.

Payment of at least the real living wage

  • Our traineeships and jobs pay the Real Living Wage.
  • We are an Accredited Living Wage Employer.

Tackling the gender pay gap and creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace

  • We are an inclusive organisation committed to equality and fairness for all.

Flexible and family friendly working

  • We offer flexible working arrangements which are agreed with all staff. This includes: part-time working, flexible working hours, parental leave, hybrid working.

Oppose the use of fire and rehire practices

  • We oppose fire and rehire practices and do not engage in this practice at TRC.

Last Updated ~ April 2024