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Look East

Look East was a TRCmedia introduction to Asia Markets and Investment, hosted in Glasgow in March 2018.

On Monday 5th March 2018 TRC hosted an intensive one-day workshop for digital and tech companies looking to expand their business into Asia.

The workshop was led by Hugh Mason, co-founder and CEO of JDFI: Southeast Asia’s first accelerator programme for tech entrepreneurs. Hugh moved from the UK to Singapore ten years ago and has since helped over 70 businesses raise tens of millions of dollars. The workshop also welcomed case studies from Rebecca Moore, Director of Growth at Skyscanner and Gerry McCusker, CEO at Dog.

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Dynamic, punchy presentation on Far Eastern opportunities from a great roll call of speakers who were frank, open and honest about the challenges - and opportunities!

Damien Smith, ISO Design
Damien Smith, ISO Design

I really enjoyed hearing from the speakers and their experiences...The insights into Asian cultures was brilliant.

Claire McGarry, Wireframe Immersive

This had just the right balance of "macro" information and more focused stories and examples from the ground, making it very interesting and relevant to our business.

Ross McDonald, D8
Ross McDonald, D8