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5 agencies, 5 disciplines, 5 talented graduates

Inspiring Digital Leaders works in a completely different way to any other internship programme. Instead of thinking about what one business needs, we thought about what the digital industry needs, and what young, talented graduates like you need to move your careers forward fast.

Five agencies. Five ways of working. Five disciplines. Five four-week experiences. You might call it speed-learning. And at the end of it, you: armed with a solid broad foundation of digital skills, free to choose your path in the digital industry, and strides ahead of your competition.

Only the truly exceptional will be accepted into our first intake. Five agencies. Five disciplines. Five interns. Will you be one of them?

How it works

Inspiring Digital Leaders is a paid five-month training programme, created by BIMA and TRC, and co-created by the five participating agencies. Here’s how it works:

  • Five interns will be selected through the application process.
  • Each intern will complete a placement of four weeks with each of the five agencies in succession, covering five different disciplines and a total of 20 weeks’ training.
  • The learning within each discipline has been designed by the module lead(s) at that agency, as they’re experts in that particular area.
  • Interns will be paid the Scottish Living Wage, and they’ll also get additional training from TRC, to help you learn how best to progress and grow in the creative digital industry.

Who we're looking for

Maybe you already have a fair grounding in one of the five disciplines, but you’re keen to get a broader understanding of how everything fits together. Or maybe you know you want to work in digital, but you’re not sure on the best direction. Perhaps you want to explore different options without committing yourself to one route for years. The most important thing is that you’re passionate about digital media.

These are also essentials:

  • You must be a 2018 or 2019 graduate (you should have completed your course by the programme start date)
  • Be prepared to work hard – this is an intensive programme, and we want you to learn as much as possible
  • You’ll need to feel comfortable outside your comfort zone – each discipline brings its own set of challenges, and not everything will come naturally


Client Services (with Dog)

Client Services is the hub of agency life. Account handlers are the main source of client knowledge, building relationships and helping to develop briefs and final solutions. Whatever format that takes, they’re responsible for making it happen. On this rotation, you’ll gain an understanding of the full-service agency ecosystem – how the client is king, and account handlers need to be chameleons interacting with all departments across the agency.


Content Strategy & Brand Language (with Front Page)

Effective branding permeates everything the organisation does, including how it speaks and the words it uses. It’s all about building relationships with the audience, with a consistent voice across all channels – because consistency builds brand trust. At Front Page, you’ll learn about branding from the ground up, including how to write in a brand style, and how to apply strategic thinking to plan meaningful content.


Digital Marketing (with Equator)

Digital marketing is marketing and advertising through online channels such as social media, search, email, affiliate, and display. Specific strategic skillsets are employed across analytics, customer experience, SEO, CRM, and personalisation among others. On this rotation, you’ll be guided through the ins and outs of nine different disciplines, with the aim of passing your Google Analytics Individual Qualification at the end.


UX Design (with After Digital)

User experience (UX) involves all aspects of the end-user's interaction with an organisation, its services, and its products. After Digital follow user-centred design processes to create websites, products and more for their clients. Interns will learn the fundamentals of design thinking, user research and strategy, as well as the latest tools used in user-interface (UI) design to gain a full understanding of what it takes to be a UX/UI designer.


Web Development (with Screenmedia)

Development forms the core of digital industries – developers deliver the solutions outlined by creative and business leads, and drive forward technological, service and business change. Interns will gain an insight into the challenges of defining a problem from a technical point of view, and learn how to structure the breakdown of tasks and tackle problems.

After Digital

After Digital offers expert digital transformation consultancy, digital marketing and strategy, web design, and complex web integration and development services. With 20 years in the industry, they craft award-winning creative solutions for clients in a range of sectors, primarily in arts and culture, education, and third sector industries. They have an international client base, growing in both the UK and US.

Find out more about After Digital.


UX Design module lead: Rachel Ward, Senior UX Designer

Rachel is a hugely passionate creative with an unwavering focus on using innovative and practical solutions to improve the online presence of some of the UK’s best-known brands. Heading up After Digital’s UX and creative team, she ensures consistently high standards and that the end-user is considered in every aspect of a design. She fuses well-researched technical expertise with a love of new ideas to ensure each project expresses the individuality of the client, without ever compromising on return-on-investment.



Dog is an independent agency with a growing team of more than 80 staff across offices in Glasgow, London, Singapore and Jakarta. Through its three core disciplines – marketing, creative design, and developing technologies – Dog helps clients from a range of industries change, evolve and grow through one simple but challenging thing: customer experiences that positively impact business performance.

Find out more about Dog.


Client Services module co-leads: Kirsty Burns, Account Director, and Alex Petrie, Group Account Director

Kirsty has worked in the agency world for over 10 years, managing a diverse range of global clients in FMCG, finance and investment, sports, and the public sector. She leads strategic account direction to deliver high quality digital solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives. Kirsty dabbles in a little guest lecturing when the mood takes her, and is known for her love of dogs more than people.

Having worked in client services since graduating in creative media, Alex’s passion lies in delivering the best digital and creative solutions. As Group Account Director, her fundamental role is to partner with Dog’s clients to understand their business, objectives and challenges – so Dog can deliver the very best integrated digital expertise, and achieve results.



Since launching in 1999, Equator has held a simple belief that has delivered incredible results for their clients – that only truly connected thinking transforms brands. They continue to create specialist teams as each new channel and technology emerges, in an environment that's conducive to creating the best possible work.

Find out more about Equator.


Digital Marketing module co-leads: Martin Jordan, Innovation Director, Breda Doherty, Head of Strategy, and Fiona Gray, Marketing Director

Formerly Equator’s Marketing Director, Martin was given the enviable role of Innovation Director when the agency recognised that the world of digital was moving at an unprecedented pace. Martin and his team are responsible for keeping Equator’s clients at the forefront of technology and marketing, bringing cutting-edge innovation, hardware, technology and processes to the business.

Breda is a Digital Strategy Specialist with over seven years’ digital strategy and marketing experience. She’s laser-focused on connecting digital to all other aspects of a client’s business, and driving growth opportunities through strategic thinking and careful planning.

Responsible for directing marketing operations, Fiona leads a team of 20 experts. The team covers all aspects of digital marketing, including Search (SEO & PPC), Partnerships (Affiliate, Lead Generation, PR & Outreach) and Digital Media (CRM, Display Advertising, Social Media & Digital Out of Home).


Front Page

Front Page has been designing, writing, thinking, developing and building long-lasting relationships for nearly 30 years, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, as well as clients just along the road, and with an emphasis on travel, leisure and sports. They have an established reputation in branding, marketing strategy and communications, development, digital design, e-learning, app development, and content planning.

Find out more about Front Page.


Content Language & Brand Strategy module lead: Jo Levy, Head Creative Copywriter

Jo has always been passionate about language, words, and communication. In her 20 years in the industry she’s written, strategised and conceptualised for a wide range of clients (from blue chip to local), specialising in travel and leisure. She loves delving into brand strategy, insights, and research to determine the best way to communicate with the audience, and creative problem-solving is one of her favourite things to do.



Screenmedia is an innovation, design and technology practice. Since 2004 they’ve worked at the forefront of new technologies, from rich media to social media, mobile to responsive web, and Internet of Things to cloud. Their creative design and UX planning expertise is complemented by a highly specialist knowledge of technology platforms, allowing them to deliver innovative solutions across multiple digital channels.

Find out more about Screenmedia.


Web Development module lead: Lachlann Rattray, Technical Director

Lachlann is a full stack developer, expert in both front- and back-end solutions. He’s highly creative while being rooted in classical development processes and standards. With over 12 years’ experience in commercial web development, he’s an adept team lead with excellent planning abilities.



BIMA is Britain’s digital community, bringing the digital industry together to build connections, deliver thought leadership, recognise excellence and drive change. With TRC and the five agencies taking part in this initiative all BIMA members, BIMA are delighted to help support this ground-breaking programme to accelerate the growth of talent for the Scottish digital economy.

Find out more about BIMA.


For over 20 years, TRC has delivered high-end training for individuals and businesses working in the TV and digital sectors. Through TRC, careers have been transformed, new start-ups established, international business secured, skill shortages tackled, business strategies re-framed and invaluable networks formed. TRC’s reputation as one of the UK’s leading training providers has allowed them to provide unrivalled access to the world’s most innovative companies, including tech leaders in San Francisco, and broadcasters from London to New York and Los Angeles.

Find out more about TRC.

  • 25 March: Applications open
  • 22 April: Applications close
  • 1 May: Interviews
  • 3 June Successful applicants notified
  • Last week in May: Pre-placement kick-off session
  • 3–28 June: Placement 1
  • 1–26 July: Placement 2
  • 27 July–2 August: Break
  • 5–30 August: Placement 3
  • 2–27 September: Placement 4
  • 30 September–25 October: Placement 5
  • w/c 28 October: Final presentations event 

Who are TRC?
For over 20 years, TRC has delivered high-end training for individuals and businesses working in the TV and digital sectors. Through TRC, careers have been transformed, new start-ups established, international business secured, skill shortages tackled, business strategies re-framed and invaluable networks formed. TRC’s reputation as one of the UK’s leading training providers has allowed them to provide unrivalled access to the world’s most innovative companies, including tech leaders in San Francisco, and broadcasters from London to New York and Los Angeles.
Find out more about TRC []

What is BIMA?
BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) is a network of talented individuals with a mission to drive innovation and excellence across the digital industry. BIMA are the connectors, thought leaders, champions and change-makers determining the shape of Britain’s digital industry.
Find out more about BIMA []

Which agencies are involved?
There are five leading digital agencies in the Inspiring Digital Leaders programme, each offering expertise and training in a different discipline:
• After Digital (UX Design)
• Dog (Client Services)
• Equator (Digital Marketing)
• Front Page (Content Strategy & Brand Language)
• Screenmedia (Web Development)

How long does the job last?
The job is a fixed term contract, starting 1 June and ending 25 October 2019.

Will I be paid?
Yes! At Inspiring Digital Leaders, we believe strongly that interns should always be paid for work. That’s why the salary is based on the Scottish Living Wage of £9 per hour, from 3 June–25 October 2019.

Will I get holidays?
You’ll build up annual leave during the programme as you would at any full time job. To avoid disrupting your learning, we’ve designed the programme so all interns take a one-week break 29 July–2 August. The remaining days’ holiday can be agreed in advance with the relevant module lead.

Will I have an employment contract?
The five successful candidates will each be given a contract from TRC, which will outline the terms and conditions of employment.

What training will I get?
You’ll get on-the-job training at each of the five participating agencies, and also one or two additional days training through TRC, with paid leave to attend. This extra training is specifically designed to help strengthen your confidence, knowledge and skills in the creative industry.

What qualifications do I need?
The programme is open to 2018 and 2019 university or college graduates, with an ambition to develop their career in the creative digital sector. We also want to hear about your passion projects and side hustles.

Can I apply even if I’ve been working in a different sector?
Absolutely. If you’re looking to transition from another sector and have transferrable skills (eg. project management, design, marketing, and communication), then as long as you’re a 2018 graduate with an ambition to develop a career in digital, we want to hear from you.

I’m still at college/university – can I apply?
If your course finishes before June 2019, then you can apply. You can’t be in full-time education when the role starts on 3 June 2019.

Is there an age limit?
No, there is no upper age limit. You must be 18 to take part in the scheme.

Can I apply if I’m not originally from the UK?
Yes, you can, as long as you live permanently in the UK, and have the right to work here.

Do I have to live in Scotland to apply?
Anyone living in the UK can apply, but you’ll have to be able to prove you can move to Scotland by June 2019 in order to take part in this programme. We can’t cover relocation expenses, so only apply if you’re willing and able to move to Scotland before the role starts.

Where will the job be based?
You’ll be working on site with the five agencies, all based in Glasgow city centre.

Where does the extra training take place?
All the additional training will take place with TRC in Glasgow city centre.

How do I apply?
Complete our online application form here.

What if I need extra support to complete my application?
If you need some help to complete your application form, we can lend a hand to understand and navigate the form. Get in touch with the programme manager Alex Blott to arrange a time on 0141 223 8820, or via email at

What’s the deadline for applying?
12 noon, Monday 22 April.

What happens after applications close?
We’ll go through all the applications and make a shortlist of candidates who’ll be invited for interview. Interviews will take place on Wednesday 1 May at the TRC offices in Glasgow, with a panel made up of staff from TRC as well as the agencies offering placements.

What if I need extra support to attend an interview?
If you have any special requirements for interview, just let us know in your application form and we’ll do what we can to help.

What if I have more questions?
No problem. Get in touch with the programme project manager Alex Blott, on 0141 223 8820, or via email at You can download the full programme overview here


Do you have the potential to become a digital leader of the future? Do it now – submit your application by noon on Monday 22 April 2019.

What's on offer?

  • Learn direct from some of Scotland’s leading digital agencies
  • Five separate placements, experiencing agency life in a variety of working environments over 20 weeks
  • Training in five key disciplines: Client Services, Content Strategy & Brand Language, Digital Marketing, UX Design, and Web Development
  • A programme designed and delivered by the agencies taking part, demonstrating their commitment to your progression and development
  • Support and additional training from industry learning experts TRC
  • Glasgow Living Wage salary throughout 20 weeks of training
  • The chance to make connections and build relationships with people living and breathing the creative digital industry

The Module Leads

Kirsty Burns

Client Services (co-lead)

Account Director, Dog


Breda Docherty

Digital Marketing (co-lead)

Head of Strategy, Equator

Fiona Gray

Digital Marketing (co-lead)

Marketing Director, Equator

Martin Jordan

Digital Marketing (co-lead)

Innovation Director, Equator

Jo Levy

Content Strategy & Brand Language

Head Creative Copywriter, Front Page

Alex Petrie

Client Services (co-lead)

Group Account Director, Dog

Lachlann Rattray

Web Developement

Technical Director, Screenmedia

Rachel Ward

UX Design

Senior UX Designer, After Digital

I would have loved the opportunity to take part in a programme like this when I was starting out. Getting to work in and learn about different agency disciplines, and experience different agencies too, would have been invaluable. I think I’d have found it incredibly challenging and rewarding, and it would also have pushed me well outside my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing, right?

Jackie Arnott-Raymond, Front Page
Jackie Arnott-Raymond, Managing Director, Front Page

My first job after uni was on a graduate training programme (for an entirely different sector) that aimed to create future leaders for the business, and provide experience of all the key business functions for better understanding of how the business ran. It was massively insightful and I learned a huge amount – I believe giving graduates a similar experience in digital will provide real value and make them eminently employable.

David Johnstone, After Digital
David Johnstone, Managing Director, After Digital

Talent is crucial to all our businesses and clients, and therefore investing in people is our priority. We’re sharing this responsibility across our businesses by working together to improve the outcomes for young people and our industry.

Martin Jordan, Equator
Martin Jordan, Director of Innovation, Equator

It’s critically important to nurture homegrown talent. With advances like AI, we’re on the cusp of another major step up in technology, and things are moving fast. Giving young people practical experience is vital in providing a head start in the industry, and it helps demystify what we do as well. Scotland has a real opportunity to do some amazing things in tech over the next ten years, and we need to help young people see that possibility, and how to make the most of it.

Kenny Shaw, Screenmedia
Kenny Shaw, Manging Director, Screenmedia

Inspiring Digital Leaders was born out of animated discussion two years ago, at the first BIMA Digital Leaders Dinner in Scotland. As business leaders, we shared the concern that our digital community needs more young and diverse talent, and we agreed that working together was the best way to address this. We’ve created a truly unique collaboration of five companies to deliver a brand new way of fast-tracking ambitious, young talent in our industry. Can’t wait to get started.

Gerry McCusker, CEO, Dog

Developing new and innovative training opportunities is in the DNA of TRC. When we were approached by BIMA to co-create Inspiring Digital Leaders we didn’t hesitate to get involved. Inspiring new talent to develop their careers in a progressive environment across collaborating businesses, is unique and a hot ticket for any entrepreneurial new graduates who want to kick-start their careers. We’re delighted to play our part.

Claire Scally & Margaret Scott, Joint Managing Directors, TRC
Claire Scally & Margaret Scott, Joint Managing Directors, TRC