Scottish Businesses selected for CrossCreative:Immersive

We are excited to announce the selected delegates for CrossCreative:Immersive – a new training programme that will help Scottish businesses capitalise on the opportunities offered by the UK’s growing immersive economy. 

CrossCreative:Immersive is aimed at creative/tech businesses already working in immersive technologies and looking to further develop into immersive content and storytelling. The programme runs until February 2020 and comprises sessions in Glasgow and a field trip to the United States, giving participants unique access to leading companies in VR/AR/XR across tech, content and distribution.

In addition to the CC:I programme, TRC and StoryFutures Academy will work together to deliver an immersive bootcamp to offer transformative training and development for mid -senior level professionals in Scotland’s creative and immersive media sector. Companies participating in CC:I will also have the opportunity to apply for support from StoryFutures Academy to enable them to bring immersive storytelling talent into their company on placement.

CC:I is supported by funding from Scottish Enterprise, BBC Nations and Regions, Channel 4 and Screen Scotland. 

The selected delegates are:

Michael Zaman – Head of Realtime, Axis Animation
Mia O’Neill – Marketing Manager, Soluis Group
Tom Bryant – Managing Director, Interference Pattern
Simon Meek – Creative Director, The Secret Experiment
Damien Smith – Founding Partner, ISO Design
Graeme Sutherland – Creative Production Team Lead, Whitespace
Calum Crotch – Creative Technologist, MadeBrave


Congratulations to this year’s delegates!

Interested in training for immersive technologies? Find out more about CrossCreative:Immersive.