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RESET: meet the interns!

RESET is an 8-month is internship programme is designed to transition over 25 year olds into a new and exciting career in Scotland's world-class Animation, Visual Effects (VFX) and Games industries. 

Meet the amazing interns of the 2022 cohort! 


Calum Purse - VFX Production Co-ordinator, FIX FX

Calum grew up near Glasgow appreciating the arts and culture of the city. Having developed his organisational and leadership skills as a FOH Supervisor at a large- scale theatre, Calum is excited to be able to transfer his skills to the visual effects industry, an area he has been passionate about for years. His previous experience also includes audio production and studio recording, high-fidelity audio, television and home theatre retail, AV installation and technical stage work.

Caroline McGregor - IT Assistant, FIX FX

Caroline studied Music Technology at the University of the West of Scotland. During her final year, she discovered that she would like to further her understanding of computing programming, languages. Computing has always been a passion of hers and she has since been honing her skills in software development. She graduated with an MSc in Software Development last year at the University of Strathclyde. She is passionate about the Creative Industries sector in which she would like to use her IT skills. Her previous experience spans a variety of audio projects – sound design, recording assistant and freelance mixing engineer.

Conor Kennedy Burke - Production Co-ordinator, Revenant

A graduate of Film Studies from NUI Galway and Creative Practices and Direction in Theatre at the Guildford School of Acting, Conor has spent a number of years working professionally within the Arts sector. He has trained with companies including Macnas Decadent, and Druid. Conor moved to Glasgow in 2020 with the express goal of immersing himself within the city’s artistic environment and training further as part of its burgeoning media industry. With experience in and a passion for multiple areas including theatre film, and dance, he is driven by work that explores the intersection of artforms. Conor’s own artistic work in recent years has focused on presenting original, multilingual narratives inspired by folk memory and cultural tradition.

Paige Hughes - Business Development, ISO Design

Paige comes to RESET with a background in heritage, tourism and events. For the past seven years, her working life has been spent ‘telling stories’ in one way or another, taking tours, developing bespoke experiences, or involving students and volunteers, while ensuring commercial sustainability for third sector organisations. In her spare time, Paige is very active in community theatre; as well as operating a sustainable micro-business, Jerviswood Studio, which is centred around creating jewellery, gifts and bespoke design pieces for consumers and businesses.

Kieran Docherty - Production Co-ordinator, Blazing Griffin

Following many years of working in customer service, Kieran decided it was time for a change and began working on gaining a degree in 2015. He took part in the Access Programme at the University of Glasgow as a mature student, studying English Literature and Psychology, which gained him access to an undergraduate programme. He studied a combined MA (hons) in Comparative Literature and Film and Television Studies, graduating during the pandemic. He has a deep passion for storytelling in its many forms, including video games, which subsequently led to him exploring 3D design and animation following his graduation.

Kiera Robertson, Production Management Assistant, Keelworks

Kiera has been interested in the creative industries from a young age. She studied Contemporary Screen Acting at University of the West of Scotland. After graduating, she began to teach herself freelance wedding videography until the pandemic. Kiera is a passionate gamer and excited to be starting her career with an indie game company.

Colin Paterson - VFX Production Co-ordinator, FIX FX

Colin began studying Audio Engineering at The University of Highlands and Islands where he finished with first class honours. Upon completion, he moved to Edinburgh where he began sourcing freelance work doing post-production audio. One documentary entitled “Instruments in the Architecture: Building the Pianodrome” won multiple international film festivals with the 2020 Earth Day festival awarding it ‘Best sound’ for Colin's work. Since the pandemic, lockdown production work became harder to source and so Colin decided to utilise the time honing his skills and pursuing his interest in visual arts. He has found himself spending many hours playing with VHS tapes and CRT televisions creating interesting visual art to accompany his music and sound work.

Kelly Stewart - Production (Art), Blazing Griffin

With a background in media studies, Kelly first started her career as a Design Assistant in Glasgow. It was in this position that she discovered her passion for 3D modelling and enrolled at the City of Glasgow College as an animation student. Five years later, Kelly graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University’s 3D Animation & Visualisation course and proved to herself that she could do it. Her love of animation extends into Kelly’s personal life as she spends a lot of her time creating frame-by-frame hand drawn animations for YouTube – often inspired by her interest in video games, such as Stardew Valley and Rune Factory.

Tom Graystone - Trainee Studio Manager, Wild Child Animation

Tom moved to Glasgow in 2013 from East Anglia to study Philosophy and Economics at the University of Glasgow. While studying they volunteered at Subcity Radio, working as the head of events putting on club nights across the city. After graduating they went on to study a masters in Fine Art Practice at Glasgow School of Art. They are a visual artist, looking at the intersections of language, textiles, and computers. They are excited by repetitive forms of making, working with quilting and knitting in dialogue with digital making and moving image.

Errin MacDonald - Post Production Co-ordinator (Film), Blazing Griffin

Errin changed her career path in 2021 to the film and TV industry after Covid 19 devastated the events industry. She previously worked as an events coordinator and administrator at Music Festivals across the UK after graduating University with an Events Management degree. Inspired by work opportunities available in Scotland Errin started picking up daily work in various departments within the TV and film industry. This kickstarted an amazing new career and opened up some fantastic opportunities. Within a year Errin has worked on four feature films and one broadcast comedy TV show. Departments included Locations, Covid and production. Errin had the opportunity to work in Sicily on a feature film and this developed a strong interest into VFX. Being on set she found VFX fascinating and was extremely interested in finding out about the job roles involved which has motivated her to peruse a career in VFX and join the TRC RESET programme.

Lauren McCreadie - Production Assistant, Illuminated Entertainment/Wojtek Animation

Lauren comes from a background in illustration, having studied it at the University of Dundee. After freelancing and continuing to develop her skills, she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in the animation sector. Lauren studied 2D animation at Edinburgh College of Art and completed her masters in 2019. Building on her previous skills as a digital illustrator, Lauren has created a body of work that features whimsical scenarios and engaging characters.

Samantha Medlam - Scene Prep Artist Layout/Animation, Wild Child

During the pandemic in 2021, Sam was made redundant from her job working at an animal shelter in Edinburgh. Some of Sam’s best and oldest memories are from spending hours in front of a screen gaming, watching cartoons, or binging Netflix. With this newly found free time she decided to make the most of it and applied to study a Masters in 3D Design for Virtual Environments at Glasgow Caledonian University. Being entirely online, this was a challenging task, especially considering she had no prior experience in the field as her undergrad was in Music! Sam moved from Edinburgh to Glasgow in September 2021 and has been exploring the city and its many amazing restaurants when she is not sat at her computer! After a whole year of intense learning, new skills acquired and a whole lot of technical issues, Sam is excited to start on a new and exciting opportunity with TRC’s RESET internship! 

Darcy McNeill - Studio Manager, Interference Pattern

Darcy has recently moved from Aberdeen to Edinburgh for a fresh start. Although an economics graduate, he has always enjoyed creative pursuits and spends most of his time drawing and looking for inspiration. It is because of this that he is really excited to join Interference Pattern where he will be surrounded by likeminded people from whom he can learn more. In his free time Darcy loves to cook and spend time exploring outdoors.

Kristina Tsenova - Artist, Interference Pattern

Kris is a freelance artist from Bulgaria, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. She has a traditional art background and passion for illustration, digital art, 3D and concept art. After graduating she worked as a freelance artist and illustrator on a number of Educational games and design projects. Joining the RESET programme is a chance for her to develop her art skills further, join the Film and Games industry and work with a great team on exciting new projects.

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