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Meet the Delegates: rad 2021

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We asked our rad 2021 trainees to tell us a little bit about themselves. Hear from each of our 12 trainees below.

rad is a paid traineeship with a Scottish independent television production company which includes full training throughout the placement from TRC.

Alex Chandler – Researcher, Hopscotch Films

Alex’s passion for film and TV was ignited at a local college. He recently completed a Research Masters & PHD with a focus on the relationship between public health media and gender stereotypes, particularly toxic masculinity. Alex’s passion for factual film and television and for stories that reveal the day-to-day lives or ordinary and extraordinary people and places. Alex hopes the valuable hands-on experience rad traineeship provides will help tell him some of these stories in new and exciting ways.          

Caroline Robinson – Researcher, BBC Science & Docs

Before Caroline applied for the rad traineeship, she was working towards her final dissertation for History of Art. Caroline thought that with COVID in full force, her prospects of creative jobs were going to be extremely difficult. Caroline has said that she was overjoyed to be selected for rad and she is most excited to be able to work on projects that test her researching skills in ways she never thought of. Caroline has said that rad programme has given her the confidence to realise that it’s not about where you started, but where you want to go.  

Iqbal Khokhar –  Edit Assistant, Tern Television

Iqbal previously worked as an administrator. Although enjoying the role, he knew long term that industry wasn’t for him. This spurred his decision to make a change and study an MSc in Marketing. Like many people just now, he’s been watching an incredible number of documentaries and films, which further added to his curiosity on storytelling.

Iqbal loves going out with his camera and taking photos of anything remotely interesting. The dream of working in film was something he never seriously considered before the rad 2021 programme, and now he can’t wait to get started and meet the other trainees!

Isha Krishnan - Production Assistant, Red Sky Productions

Isha is a recent graduate of Media and Communications from Glasgow Caledonian University. Lockdown gave Isha the opportunity to think about what she wanted to do and where to start her career. She is so thankful to have come across TRC’s rad training programme and cannot wait to "get her hands dirty". Her hobbies include watching TV and going for walks... however, she has also recently started baking (badly). 

Laura Thomson – Researcher, BBC Science / Docs

Laura Thomson is a science graduate who is excited about applying her skills to Television Production. Always passionate about connecting through stories, Laura has been involved in several local short film and theatre projects. Keen to explore contemporary issues and experiment with new formats, she recently developed 'Document 71', an alternate reality game concept about the climate crisis.

Marc Harvey – Production Assistant, Hello Halo Productions

Marc studied Television at City of Glasgow College and Edinburgh Napier University, graduating in 2020. Marc has worked alongside Glasgow-based production company Purple TV, assisting on The Women Who Built Glasgow City, a documentary which aired on BBC Alba looking into the two women who founded Glasgow City FC.

Marc is keen to explore different aspects of content creation during his time on the RAD traineeship scheme, but more than anything else – he is just excited to finally jump into the Television industry.

Nathalie Ahmadzadeh – Researcher, BBC River City    

Raised in Sweden and of Iranian heritage, Nathalie moved to Scotland in 2014 to study film. Since graduating from her MA in Screenwriting, her scriptwriting has been recognised by BBC Writersroom, A Thousand Stories Script Competition and a semi-finalist at Screencraft Comedy Script Competition. Focusing on themes such as female sexuality and cultural identity, Nathalie strives for a more accessible industry with diverse stories. Nathalie is excited to embark on the programme as a trainee researcher on BBC’s continuing drama River City.

Radeen Moncrieffe – Researcher, IWC

Radeen currently works as a Communities Officer for a student’s association. He has a degree in Anthropology and Philosophy. What inspired Radeen to apply for the rad scheme was his passion to push for positive change in the industry. Radeen hopes that he can foster an environment where stories centred around people of colour, LGBT people and working-class people are handled with sensitivity and care.

Rania Henderson - Researcher, STV Studios

Rania has been working in fashion retail for over a decade. Her lengthy experience with the public makes her a perfect fit for working in television, especially on the research side of things! As a first-generation migrant, born and raised in Glasgow, Rania has embraced her two worlds: Scottish and her heritage with the Greek-Cypriot community. She was a professional Greek dancer for many years. She has a great passion for TV and is extremely excited and humbled to be picked to be part of the programme. She is overwhelmed by the support and encouragement she has received already. Her greatest hope is to learn as much as possible, work hard and carve out a new rewarding career for herself.   

Sophie Hopewell - Researcher, Raise The Roof 

Sophie’s vast experience working with people across different industries has given her the perfect skills needed to be a researcher. Her desire is to make a difference, to show the next generation there is hope for black women from disadvantaged backgrounds who may not fit the mould. To show them that they can be represented behind the scenes of television as well as on it, no matter what stage or circumstance in life they find themselves in.

Sophie is in her mid-forties, she is a British woman of black-African descent. She believes that rad provides a safe space for anyone who fits into the "other" category to feel wanted in the industry and her hope is to one day produce new, exciting television.

Tiarna Armstrong – Researcher, Tinopolis

Tiarna Armstrong is a 24-year-old queer black screenwriter, musician and academic from Northern Ireland. Having completed a four-year BA in French with Creative Writing followed by a one-year MA in Screenwriting, Tiarna is now working as a freelance screenwriter. With such a varied background, Tiarna is a proud and passionate activist in every aspect of her life, but especially in her screenwriting where she writes stories predominantly about marginalised and underrepresented people. Her hope is that, one day, the UK film and television industries will genuinely reflect the diversity of our country, both on and off-screen. 

Zayn Ahmed - Production Researcher, Two Rivers

Zayn moved to Glasgow in 2015 to study Film and Television at the University of Glasgow. Inspired by the city’s creative environment, Zayn has been honing her skill for visual art ever since. Originally a darkroom film photographer, Zayn has blended her photography skills with filmmaking and is incredibly passionate about stories which transgress social and political boundaries. Her previous experience includes interning for a film advertising company, being an assistant art director on a zombie film and a runner for BBC’s The Big Questions.

*Some entries have been edited for clarity and length.

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