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Leading Creatives

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In January 2020 we held our first ever online-only course in association with ScreenSkills: Leading Creatives. The programme was aimed at heads of departments looking to enhance their leadership skills.

The programme included six training sessions over six weeks covering a variety of topics such as leadership styles, managing conflict and personal accountability. The sessions were held online, with delegates participating in breakout sessions and interacting with the trainer in real-time. We were delighted to offer the courses for delegates from Glasgow to Africa.


  • Understand the fundamentals driving performance
  • Be clear about their own leadership style and how to make the most of it
  • Be able to manage tasks effectively by prioritising, delegating and setting goals for team members
  • Be able to give and receive performance-based feedback to improve results
  • Know how to get the best from the diverse personalities and styles in their team
  • Regard conflict as a positive aspect of team working and be able to resolve conflict to get a better result

We loved the course, but you don't just have to take our word for it. Here's what the participants had to say:


“After 20 years of working in the industry I finally understand why I do the things the way I do. An excellent course that helps you build on what you do well and understand how to lead the broad and brilliant characters that make up the film and TV industry.”

“I feel so much more prepared in my job as a Producer, not only having to reply on instinct and personal style, but sound techniques”

“I think this style of training is something that should be embraced and let me attend a course that I'd otherwise have missed”

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Rachelle Gallagher

Rachelle Gallagher

Marketing Executive at TRC