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Celebrating Failure on IWD

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 TRC hosted an intimate evening of personal stories from brilliant women in the Creative Industries who we know, admire or have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

The stories shared on the evening were emotional, inspiring, thought-provoking and empowering (see highlights from the event over at #IWDfailup

We asked our 'Failing Up' event speakers about women they admire and why, in 2019, we still need International Women's Day.


Lee Beattie

Co-Founder of Wire and Bloody Big Brunch

A woman I admire is... "Madonna’s PR, Barbara Charone. As a junior PR, I once saw her backstage at a gig telling someone - ‘Do.Not.Fuck.With.Me’ and I thought, there’s a woman who’s never started an email with an apology."

We need International Women’s Day because... "men named John still outnumber all women in positions of power across multiple industries.”

Raisah Ahmed

Screenwriter and Director

A woman I admire is... "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she's unapologetically dedicated to creating a better world, she's not afraid to challenge those in power and makes politics accessible. On a personal level I admire all of the women, like my Gran and my mum, who left most of their family in another continent and put their faith in the dream of a better life and opportunities for future generations. My life is paved by their sacrifices." 

We need International Women's Day because... "we need to shout out loud, celebrate the success, lift up the role models and inspire more women to grab ahold of their dreams. We need International Women's Day because we still don't have equality."

Claire Mundell

Creative Director of Synchronicity Films

A woman I admire is... "Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, because long before our huge strides forward in gender equality she was blazing a trail for equal rights, and today at 85 years of age she defies all ageist stereotyping, continuing to fight for what she believes in."

We should celebrate International Women’s Day because... "the more positive female role models and success stories we share the more we will encourage others to succeed, and because in 2019 there are only 6 female CEO’s in the top 100 FTSE UK companies."

Anna Doyle

Business Operations Manager at BIMA

A woman I admire is... "my daughters, who are strong-willed, warm hearted, female warriors."

We need International Women’s Day because... "the 100 year narrative is still on a long journey."


Janey Godley


We need International Women’s Day because... "Women are still scared to speak out loud"
A woman I admire is... "Nicola Sturgeon" 

Claire McGarry

Managing Director of Wireframe Immersive

A Woman I admire is... Lorna Trainer, my Mum. She raised myself and my sister as a single parent while working full-time and as we grew older decided to start up her own business providing educational services to young people. Thirteen years later L&g Learning continues to grow from strength to strength with the goal of adding value to local businesses and enhanced prospects to the people of Glasgow.

We need international Womens day because... the inequalities Women endure are as relevant today as they were when it was first started in 1911.

Sarah Johnson

Director of IndigoLeap

A woman I admire is'my mum - because she could and she did'
We need International Women’s Day because…'we're all in this together!'

Founder, Hey Girls

A woman I admire is… "my youngest daughter Kate. She is totally fierce, prone to action and just gets the right stuff done, and she is superbly caring and selfless all at the same time. It's interesting how our relationship has changed over the years and she has become my most challenging and supportive mentor - Proud Mum every day."

We need International Women’s Day because…"we are all super busy doing the doing right. But IWD gives us a moment to take a breath and check that we are taking other women with us on our rise to the top. Maybe even pushing them in front of us!" 

A huge thanks to all of our speakers and guests, and to our event producer Alex Dalton of Leading Ideas.

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