Get involved with rad: an inclusive approach to TV talent

Calling all Scottish Independent TV Production Companies! 

Are you looking to diversify your team?


TRC is excited to introduce rad: an inclusive approach to TV talent.

rad offers 7 independent production companies the opportunity to benefit from a trainee researcher for 10 months, where 50% of the salary is covered by TRC, plus monthly training sessions for trainees and training workshops for host companies.


What does rad offer?
  • Recruitment of a pool of researchers from a diverse background. We are specifically targeting candidates who are from BAME communities, those who have a disability or those from disadvantaged backgrounds. TRC will filter applications before putting forward candidates for shortlisting; production companies will be involved in shortlisting and interviewing candidates.
  • Monthly training sessions for the researcher at TRC on themes including: Induction to the TV industry, communication skills, telephone research, maximising online research and digital production.
  • TRC will provide contribution of 50% of the trainee’s salary– this will be paid in installments. The candidate salary is based on the Scottish Living Wage of £9.00/hour for a 10 month contract.


Why does the TV industry need rad?

rad has been devised in response to industry demand for targeted researcher training programmes and an overall requirement for television to be more inclusive in the recruitment process.

We understand the constraints independent production companies face when hiring new staff. TRC has been working to build relationships with a wide range of partners to promote the opportunities available within Scotland’s thriving production community to communities and individuals who may not have previously considered a career in television.

We are hugely excited to launch the first edition of rad and to promote our industry far and wide to a new generation of top TV talent. 

About the contract
  • There are 7 placements offered
  • The contract will last for 10 months, beginning in February 2019
  • The salary will be the Scottish Living Wage, £9/hour, based on a 35 hour week.
  • TRC will provide 50% of the salary costs for the trainee
Company requirements
  • Each company should employ a trainee for 10 months full-time. We are also open to applications from production companies who want to partner with another company to split costs, and share the trainee (5 months each).
  • The company must allocate time to shortlist candidates for interview (Thurs-Fri , 20-21 December)
  • The company must provide one person to attend an interview panel on Monday 14th January to select your candidate
  • The company will enter into an employment contract with the selected candidate and must provide a written contract by 31st January 2019 (TRC will provide guidance on contracting)
  • Companies must free up their trainee one-day per month to attend training sessions with TRC
  • For the company training we will allocate 1-2 places for your staff to attend dedicated training between January and June 2019 – advance notice of content and dates will be given

All expressions of interest must be received no later than 12 noon, Monday 19th November. Placements will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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For further information please contact: or call 0141 223 8820


Visit the rad trainee recruitment page now.