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online interactive training sessions

TRC Shorts

TRC Shorts is our range of individual, interactive training sessions hosted over Zoom.

Our first series will have a Business Affairs focus aimed at freelance Producers, Production Managers, AP’s and Co-ordinators based in the Nations and Regions.

Our trainer is Gwenda Carnie, an experienced lawyer who spent ten years at BBC Wales as Senior Legal and Business Affairs Manager. Most recently, Gwenda was legal counsel and commercial advisor for the Flame Media Group, and now runs her own training and business affairs consultancy.

Due to the ongoing challenges faced by the industry, we are delivering TRC Shorts free of charge to the user. This would not be possible without the continuous support of our funders: Screen Scotland, BBC Nations and Regions and Channel 4. 

Copyright and Rights Clearance in the TV Industry – Coming Soon

Copyright is the lifeblood of the TV business. It’s often a profitable part of business, however it is regularly misunderstood. This session will walk you through what you need to know about copyright and rights clearance.     

This session will look at:

  • What is copyright?
  • Why is copyright important to you?
  • Using other people’s Copyright (rights clearance; layers of rights, permitted uses and exceptions)
  • Exploiting your own Copyright (licensing, assignment, IP management)
  • Copyright and IP Management
  • Protection of Ideas
  • Infringement  

Perfect for: Production Execs, Producers, PM’s, AP’s, Co-ordinators

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Production Agreements – Coming Soon

A single production can result in a myriad of production agreements. These documents are often churned out quickly, just using standard form agreements. This course will take examples of commonly-used production agreements and walk you through the main clauses, giving you the time and space to ask questions you’ve always wondered.

  • Access agreements
  • Contributor Agreement (longform for a factual show)
  • Loan Out Agreements
  • Crew Agreements (Scripted and Unscripted)
  • Director and Producer Agreements
  • Locations

Perfect for: Producers, PM’s, AP’s, Co-ordinators

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A Walkaround Co-Pro Agreements – Coming Soon

A co-production can be a variety of different things – from a collaboration with another UK company to an international agreement. This session will:

  • Give an overview of the different types of co-production;
  • Discuss the pros and cons of co-production;
  • Look at the main terms of a co-pro agreement; and
  • Highlight some of the pitfalls of co-production

Perfect for: Production Executives, Producers, PM’s

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A Walkaround TV Distribution Agreements – Coming Soon

The TV distribution business is changing as the industry adapts to the disruption caused by decreasing budgets and the continued dominance of subscription services. Distributors are having to box clever to avoid taking bigger risks and paying bigger advances to secure the best content. Increasingly distributors are seeking to minimize risk and exert more control – and change their offering to be the distributor of choice. For most the relationship with the distributor is still governed by the basic distribution agreement. 

This course will:

  • Give a brief overview of the challenges facing the TV distribution business today
  • Look at the main terms in a standard TV distribution agreement
  • Offer some tips on how to negotiate the distribution agreement and how to build a relationship with your distributor

Perfect for: Production Executives, Producers

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