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SuperSizer is for ambitious development executives based in the Nations and Regions who want to win high value commissions.

We’re excited to announce the return of our popular SuperSizer programme as a blended offering of online training and face-to-face commissioner meetings in London early in 2021 subject to Covid-19 regulations. 

SuperSizer is a professional development programme aimed at Development Executives who produce factual, factual entertainment or specialist factual programmes. The training course will cover:


It's time to think big! Creativity sessions will look at how to build effective creative teams, analysing and adapting your team's process and learning how to generate brilliant ideas.

Impact & Influence

How to manage conflict, craft and deliver meaningful conversations and powerful personal development to improve your networking and presentation skills.

Pitches & Sizzles

Taking a deep dive into the development process and reviewing some of the success stories of the past to unlock the secret to creating the best pitches and sizzle reels.

Meet the Broadcasters

Insider knowledge of how different channels work, the importance of fully understanding their differing needs, markets, audience figures and focus, when creating and pitching content.

Commissioner Meetings

Getting exclusive insights direct from commissioners of how they/their teams work, think and act. SuperSizer offers exceptional access to leading commissioners and senior personnel at broadcasters. See below for a list of previous contributors.

Applications are now closed. We are currently in the process of reviewing applications and will announce the successful applicants once they have been contacted.


For the first time we are offering this programme to ambitious Development Executives working for independent production companies in the Nations and Regions as a Company Employee or on a freelance basis.

  • Applicants should have significant experience in television programme development and have been responsible for at least ONE idea that has gone on to be commissioned.
  • You/your production company must be based in Nations and Regions.
  • You/your company should focus on the development of factual, factual entertainment or specialist factual programmes.
  • The Development Executive must be based in Nations and Regions.
  • You must be able to commit your attendance at ALL of the online training sessions (info below)
  • You must have endorsement from production company owner or Managing Director (written statement of support), if freelance, you will be asked to provide a written support statement from a previous employer.

Our SuperSizer training sessions will offer intensive workshops focusing on key development areas including:

  • Leading Creative Teams
  • Personal Impact & Influence
  • Planning & Managing Crucial Conversations
  • Pitches & Sizzles
  • Broadcaster Intel
  • Commissioner Meetings

September 2020 - February 2021 

Attendance is required at ALL sessions below:

Info Session
Wed 23rd Sept 2020      10:00- 11:30       Introduction to SuperSizers

Creative Teams
Wed 30th Sept 2020      10:00- 12:30      Creative Teams - What Is Creativity?
Wed 7th Oct 2020         10:00- 12:30       Creative Teams - Starting The Creative Process
Wed 14th Oct 2020       10:00- 12:30       Creative Teams - New Ways To Have Great Ideas

Impact & Influence
Wed 21st Oct 2020       10:00- 12:00        Impact & Influence - Part 1
Wed 28th Oct 2020       10:00- 12:00        Impact & Influence - Part 2
Thurs 5th Nov 2020      13:00- 15:00        Crucial Conversations - Part 1
Wed 11th Nov 2020      10:00-12:00         Crucial Conversations - Part 2

Pitches & Sizzles
Dates TBC

Broadcaster Intel
Dates TBC

Commissioner Intel
Dates TBC


The course cost for SuperSizer is normally £470. However d
ue to the ongoing challenges faced by the television industry, for 2020/21 we are delivering this course completely free of charge to the user.

This would not be possible without the continuous support of our funders: Screen Scotland, BBC Nations and Regions and Channel 4.

SuperSizer offers exceptional access to leading commissioners and senior personnel at broadcasters. Previous contributors for the programme include:

  • Ben Frow (Channel 5)
  • Emma Wetcott (Channel 5)
  • Greg Barnett (Channel 5)
  • Daniel Pearl (Channel 5)
  • Andrea Amey (Channel 5)
  • Linda Daubrey (Channel 5)
  • Lucy Willis (Channel 5)
  • Jo Street (BBC role – Jo is now at Channel 4)
  • Priya Singh (ITV)
  • Peter Tierney (ITV)
  • Fatima Salaria (BBC, now Channel 4)
  • Ricky Cooper (BBC)
  • Claire Mottershead (BBC)
  • Beejal-Maya Patel (BBC)
  • Emily Allen (BBC)
  • Martha Housden (BBC Studios)
  • Danny Horan (Channel 4)
  • Charlie Palmer (Channel 4)
  • Becky Cadman (Channel 4)
  • Deborah Dunnett (Channel 4)
  • Nicola Harrison (Channel 4)
  • Lucy O’Neill (Channel 4)
  • Lucy Leveugle (In Channel 4 role. Lucy is now at Netflix)
  • Ramy El-Bergamy (formerly Channel 4)
  • Diana Carter (A+E Networks UK)
  • Jake Chudnow (YouTube Originals)
  • Will Rowsen (Channel 4)
  • Ben Kelly (Netflix)
  • Hilary Rosen (UKTV)
  • Kate Thomas (Channel 4)
  • Sarah Lazenby (CH4)
  • Phil Edgar-Jones (Sky)
  • Shirley Jones (Sky)
  • Barbara Less (Sky)

12 ambitious Factual/Fact Ent/Specialist Factual Development Executives from across the Nations and Regions will benefit from:

  • Weekly 2 hour training sessions 
  • Exclusive insights from senior personnel at broadcasters
  • Exceptional access to leading commissioners 
  • Increased industry knowledge, network and profile

Applications are now closed. We are currently in the process of reviewing applications and will announce the successful applicants once they have been contacted.

Applications Closed

We are currently in the process of reviewing applications and will announce the successful applicants once they have been contacted.

Here's what our previous SuperSizers have to say...

“A real opportunity to get ahead of the game, develop professional skills, meet incredibly inspiring fellow programme makers and develop relationships with leading commissioners."

Laura Farrell, Tern (Glasgow)

“It's integral that programs like this exist in order to connect regional indies with the commissioners who can make their business grow”

Thomas Popay, Stellify (Belfast)

"SuperSizer is a gateway for any indie to grow and expand its horizon of opportunity. The knowledge gained from the programme is priceless."

Khurram Adnan Sheikh, Imagemaker Media (Manchester)

Money can't buy this sort of access to commissioners - fantastic chance to build those all-important relationships!

Patricia Moore, Tyrone Productions (Belfast)

Supersizer is a rare gem of a course. An amazing experience to get in front of the full set of UK broadcasters and to spend such a lot of time in their company. I now have a far fuller understanding of every UK broadcaster, and have made so many connections with current commissioners and made friends with a room full of talented creatives on the course who, one day, will undoubtedly will be commissioners themselves.

Connie Fisher, Wildflame Productions (Cardiff)

The course has been really great, with brilliant bookings from TRC – from commissioners to trainers. It’s really helped me take back some new ideas to help me and my team develop our slates.

Jennifer Gilroy, Firecracker Scotland
Jennifer Gilroy, Firecracker Scotland (Glasgow)

SuperSizer provided exclusive access to commissioners in a relaxed training setting coupled with the opportunity to work alongside and learn from other experienced development executives. We’ve made invaluable new contacts and won a commission as a result of the programme.

David Kavanagh, Title Role Productions
David Kavanagh, Title Role Productions (Manchester)

SuperSizer Alumni

Lindsey Douglas

Lion Television Scotland

Laura Farrell


Connie Fisher

Wildflame Productions

Henry Imbert

Very Nice

Edward Kellie

Screendog Productions

Peter MacQueen

Caledonia TV

Neil McCallum

Hungry Bear Media

Patricia Moore

Tyrone Productions

Robert Neill


Thomas Popay

Stellify Media

Khurram Adnan Sheikh

Imagemaker Media

Nacressa Swan

Meridian Line Films