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Do you want to work in TV?


The next edition of rad is currently under development and will open for applications in January 2021. 

What is rad?

rad is a training course where candidates will be paid to work full time during a placement with a Scottish TV production company. TRC will also be on hand throughout the placement to provide support and specific training to help boost each trainee's career. 

Who is rad for?

The traineeship is aimed at groups who are typically under-represented in the TV industry: those either with a disability, from black, Asian or ethnic minority communities or from disadvantaged backgrounds. Candidates must be over 18, but there is no upper age limit, meaning that it is open to those considering a career change or returning to work.

Where will rad take place?

The majority of production companies who take part in rad are based in Glasgow. Previous production companies who have taken part in rad are: IWC Media, Raise the Roof, Hopscotch Films, Matchlight, BBC Studios, Firecracker, Mentorn, Two Rivers Media and Blazing Griffin.

When do applications open? 

Applications will open in January 2021 with placements aiming to start in April 2021. Be the first to know when applications open by signing up to our mailing list.


These FAQs will be updated regularly as we develop rad 2021.

Question: What is rad?

Answer: rad is a training programme devised by TRC. During rad, the trainees will work full time during a placement with a TV production company in Scotland. Trainees will be paid the Scottish Living Wage and will receive monthly training to learn more about being a researcher and working in TV.


Question: Who are TRC?

Answer: For over 20 years we have delivered high-end training for individuals and businesses working within the TV and digital sectors. Through TRC training, careers have been transformed, new start-ups established, international business secured, skill shortages tackled, business strategies re-framed and invaluable networks formed. Our reputation as one of the UK’s leading training providers has allowed us to provide unrivalled access to the world’s most innovative companies. Find out more about TRC here.


Question: What is a TV researcher?

Answer:  Researchers work for TV companies who think up, develop and film the programmes you see on TV. They help TV productions get the info they need to make the programmes you see on your TV. Researchers are tasked with a wide range of things, some examples of things they do are: finding audiences for Question Time or Robot Wars, looking for house-hunters to be on programmes like Location, Location, Location, or setting up interviews for potential brain-boxes to appear on Eggheads. Responsibilities include: checking facts, briefing writers, thinking of ideas for programmes, researching a wide variety of subjects, picking up the phone to find people for programmes. You can find out more about being a researcher on the ScreenSkills website.


Question: How long does the job last for?

Answer: The role is a fixed term contract. In 2019, the role started in January 2019 and ended in November 2019. Future editions of rad are subject to change. 


Question: What is the salary?

Answer: The salary is based on the Scottish Living Wage.


Question: Will I have a contract of employment?

Answer: All successful candidates will be given a contract from their employer which will outline the terms and conditions of employment.


Question: What training will I get?

Answer: This role includes approx. 1 day per month of training, which all successful candidates will be given paid leave to attend. The purpose of this training is to help strengthen your knowledge and skills as a Researcher in TV. All the training has been specifically designed to help you become more confident and knowledgeable in this role over the training period.


Question: I do not have a disability / I am not black, Asian or ethnic minority / I am not from a disadvantaged background - can I still apply?

Answer: This programme is aimed at bringing more diverse people into the TV industry, specifically those either with a disability, from black, Asian or ethnic minority communities or from disadvantaged backgrounds. As long as you consider yourself to come from one of these groups then you are eligible to apply for the programme.


Question: What do you mean by disability?

Answer: A disability is if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities, this definition is taken from the Equality Act 2010. For further information visit:


Question: How do I know if I am from a disadvantaged background?

Answer: Disadvantage can cover those that experience a higher risk of poverty, social exclusion, discrimination and violence than the general population. The Office for National Statistics includes the following categories in their understanding of individuals who have experienced disadvantage: disabled people, lone parents, ethnic minorities, people aged over 50, the lowest qualified and those living in the most deprived areas. For further information visit:


Question: What qualifications do I need?

Answer: You don’t need a degree or any qualifications to be eligible for rad, we are interested in your potential and passion.


Question: I have never worked in TV before, can I apply?

Answer: Yes, rad is open to those not currently working in TV. You just need to show your passion for TV. Previous experience in television is not required - only passion!


Question: Do I need experience of working in the TV industry?

Answer: No, we are specifically looking for people who are not already working in the TV industry. You just need to be passionate about TV. We are looking for people with an enthusiasm and demonstrable interest in working in TV. However, if you’ve already had plenty of work experience placements in the TV industry or lots of paid work in television, you may be over-qualified for the scheme. rad should be your first step into the television industry and is designed to help kick-start your career in TV.


Question: If I have been working in TV can I still apply?

Answer: If you have had some work experience in TV and aren’t sure whether you qualify please get in touch with us by email at and we will be happy to answers any questions you may have. 


Question: I am not currently working, can I apply?

Answer: Yes, you might be re-entering the workforce after time off, or maybe you’ve had a period of redundancy, or were unable to get a start in the subject you studied after school, college or university. As long as you permanently reside in the UK and have the right to work here then you can apply.


Question: I am still at college/university – can I apply?

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot be in full time education when the role starts.


Question: I am not at college/university now – but am starting or thinking of starting, can I still apply?

Answer: No. You must be available to continue working full time during the duration of the traineeship, so if you will be studying full-time, you can’t apply until your final year. If your application is successful and we subsequently discover you are planning to be in full-time education, we will revoke your offer.


Question: I want to be a presenter/actor – will rad help?

Answer: No. The rad programme is about finding talented people who want to work behind the scenes, helping to develop TV programmes. It’s not about launching your presenting or acting career. Please do not apply if this is your career goal.


Question: I want to be a writer – can I apply?

Answer: If you’re interested in being involved in research for production companies and are happy working on other people’s projects first, then yes, you can definitely apply. If you’d rather just work on your own scripts, then rad is not for you.


Question: Is there an age limit?

Answer: No, as long as you are over 18 you can apply at any stage. If you’re looking to change careers and feel like rad might be for you then please apply.


Question: I’m 17. Can I apply?

Answer: You need to be over 18 to apply for rad. You can apply if you are 17 but you MUST have turned 18 by the start of the programme.


Question: Can I apply if I’m not originally from the UK?

Answer: Yes, you can, as long as you permanently reside in the UK and have the right to work here.


Question: Do I have to live in Scotland to apply?

Answer: Anyone living in the UK can apply, you will have to be able to prove that you are able to move to Scotland by the start of the programme in order to take part in rad. There are no expenses to cover relocation so only apply if you are willing and able to move to Scotland before the role starts.


Question: Where will the job be based?

Answer: Although companies from all over Scotland can apply to host you as part of rad the majority of production companies are based in Glasgow.


Question: Where does the training element of the programme take place?

Answer: All the training will take place with TRC. Restrictions permitting, the training will take place in our Glasgow office or alternatively over zoom.


Question: How do I submit an application?

Answer: Applications are not currently open for the next edition of rad. To be the first to know when applications open, please sign up to our mailing list.


Question: What if I need extra support to complete my application?

Answer: If you require extra support to complete your application form we will offer one-to-one meetings where a member of our team will help you to understand and navigate the application form. This will be by appointment only – please get in touch to arrange a suitable time: email


Question: What if I am invited for an interview?

Answer: Applicants will be shortlisted and invited to an interview. Interview panels will be made up of staff from TRC as well as companies who are offering placements.


Question: What if I need extra support to attend an interview?

Answer: If you have any special requirements for interview please let us know and we will make suitable arrangements.


Question: What if I have more questions about the job or application?

Answer: If you have any questions please get in touch TRC at



rad 2021

Applications will open in January 2021 with placements starting in April 2021. Be the first to know when applications open by signing up to our mailing list.

What's on offer?

  • A paid placement with a production company

Plus monthly workshops from TRC on subjects such as:

  • Introduction to the TV industry 
  • Market overview: understanding trends in UK television
  • Communication skills
  • Digital production: new production developments and enhancements
  • Telephone research 
  • Maximising online research 
  • Casting research
  • Archive research

rad: 2021

Applications will open in January 2021 with placements starting in April 2021. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when applications open.