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Online Training for TV development execs during COVID-19

Taking TV Development Online

Remotely running your development meetings? Learn how to connect and collaborate creatively with your team!

With everyone focusing on development, are you getting the best from your team while working remotely?

The broadcasters have launched new/increased development funds, are you and your team working to the best of your ability to respond to the call to action?

The impact of COVID-19 has meant that TV Development teams are now working remotely from home, struggling to collaborate, brainstorm and develop ideas in this difficult environment.

Being creative in isolation is challenging and TRC are keen to help as practically as we can – through the provision of high quality training delivered online.

Make your development meetings as productive as possible - whether you are in a meeting room or your living room.

Join your fellow TV Development Heads/Execs for a 90min fully interactive online training session that will help you to run successful, creative and productive development meetings remotely.

This is not a webinar, this is a fully interactive training session, delivered online, in real time.

There will be a maximum of 15 places on the session.

Aimed at Heads of Development/Development Executives responsible for developing programme ideas within a production company.

During the session you will learn the skills, tools and techniques for designing and running a successful collaboration / development session, online with your team.

  • Design an interactive virtual collaboration workshop
  • Run the workshop using Zoom functionality to facilitate the collaboration process
  • Maximise the contributions of every attendee
  • Share relevant materials needed during the collaboration
  • Capture and share the outputs after the meeting
  • Expedite decision making and feedback during the process
  • Pre-Meeting
  • Meeting invitations – what to include to prepare participants for the session
  • Making sure the right functions are activated in Zoom before the meeting
  • Different types of activities to use in a collaborative development session
  • How to use Zoom functionality during different creative/ brainstorming activities
  • Managing small group breakouts to maximise the creative process
  • Capturing outputs during a session
  • Structuring questions to maximise the quality of the discussion
  • Gauging buy in and agreement during the process
  • Tools for evaluating options, getting feedback and voting for preferences during a session
  • Troubleshooting during a session

Thursday 30th April 14:30 – 16:00 (includes break) 

The session will be delivered via Zoom.

 TRC are able to offer this training for FREE thanks to our funders; Screen Scotland, Channel 4 and BBC Nations and Regions. 

Applications are now closed.

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