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A roadmap for business leaders

Navigating the New Normal

Navigating the New Normal is our brand new course for Managing Directors, Business Owners and Senior Management Executives who lead indies based in the Nations and Regions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on all businesses and television indies are no exception. How do you maintain focus, direction, creative output, and team morale in such uncertain times?

Aware of the sheer scale and size of the challenges facing creative business owners and senior level leaders, we have created this course with you in mind. It also provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with other business leaders facing the same or similar issues as you.

The course will cover a variety of crucial and fundamental topics including: Key Traits of Successful Businesses, Leadership Styles, Company Purpose and Vision, How Your Company Delivers, Internal Dynamics and External Relationships.

This programme will also provide leaders of organisations in the broadcast industry with the knowledge, skills and tools to:

  • Assess the current strengths and weaknesses in their organisations
  • Identify key areas of focus
  • Build the optimal culture to achieve their objectives
  • Sustain resilience in their staff
  • Share experiences with industry colleagues
  • Work on their leadership skills and their organisations simultaneously

This training is for Managing Directors, Business Owners and senior management executives responsible for setting strategic company objectives.

This course provides a crucial and rare opportunity for industry leaders to connect on a personal and professional level. 

Our trainers have extensive experience in business and training.

Megan Anderson is a specialist in team leadership who has worked with cross-industrial sector clients in more than 20 countries over 15 years, helping them with the challenges of leading cross-cultural and virtual teams.

John Letham was founder and CEO of film distribution business Park Circus. As a trainer John has worked with hundreds of individual clients and successfully supported industry programmes for organisations such as BAFTA, Film Distributors Association and Inside Pictures.

The training will take place over 8 two-hour training modules between October - December 2020. Given the nature of the course, it's important for the cohort and trainers that applicants commit to the full programme. 

Format: 8 x 2hr training modules, over 8 weeks

Term Dates

10am-12pm - Thursday 15th October

10am-12pm - Thursday 29th October

10am-12pm - Thursday 5th November

10am-12pm - Thursday 12th November

10am-12pm - Thursday 19th November

10am-12pm - Wednesday 25th November

Workshop (2h30m) - Tuesday 1st December OR Thursday 3rd December 

10am-11am - Wrap Session - Thursday 10th December

Due to the ongoing challenges faced by the industry, we are delivering this course completely free of charge to the user. This would not be possible without the continuous support of our funders: Screen Scotland, BBC Nations and Regions and Channel 4. 


Applications are now closed.

We are currently in the process of reviewing applications and will announce the successful applicants once they have been contacted.


Applications Closed.

We are currently in the process of reviewing applications and will announce the successful applicants once they have been contacted.