CrossCreative:Immersive – Open for Applications!

Eight delegates have been selected for Special Edition: a professional development programme for women in Scotland’s digital and tech sector with their sights set on the boardroom.

Eight candidates have been announced for a six-month professional development programme devised by TRC: a
Glasgow-based training body for the broadcast and digital industries. Now in its seventh year of delivery, Special
Edition was created in response to the under-representation of women at board level in the digital sector in
Scotland and aims to redress this balance through professional development training. Since launching in 2013 the
programme has supported 42 women in Scotland’s digital sector, many of whom have gone on to secure significant job
promotions and board appointments as a result of the programme.

Funded by Scottish Enterprise, BBC Nations and Regions, Channel 4 and Screen Scotland, Special Edition comprises six
monthly training sessions in Glasgow on topics including leadership skills, personal branding and goal setting,
pitching with confidence, dealing with difficult conversations and work-life balance. The programme also includes a
London business trip to meet inspiring female leaders in the world of digital.

The announcement of the successful delegates comes after a competitive application process, in which candidates
outlined their goals in the industry and the hurdles to overcome in order to achieve these goals.

This year’s delegates are:

  • Carolyn Barbour – Senior Xamarin Developer, Boundary Technologies Ltd
  • Kirstin Watson – Head of Strategy and Creative, Innovation Digital
  • Kirsty Burns – Account Director, Dog
  • Liah Moss – Senior Designer, Whitespace
  • Rachel Ward – Senior Designer, After Digital
  • Suzanne Bennett – Account Director, Frame
  • Victoria Shepherd – Head of Content & Communications, Care Sourcer
  • Victoria McFadyen – Senior Content Manager, Bright Signals

Margaret Scott and Claire Scally, Joint Managing Directors of TRC said:

“It has been a record-breaking year for Special Edition, with the highest number of applications received since
launching the programme in 2013. Unfortunately, women are still under-represented in senior positions in the
digital sector, which is why the programme is still needed. Special Edition consistently delivers excellent
results and makes a lasting impact on the careers of the female delegates who have undertaken the training. We
can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this year’s group.”

Kate Forbes MSP, Minister for Public Finance & Digital Economy, said:

“Diversity at a leadership level is crucial to Scotland’s thriving digital and technology sectors. I am
impressed with TRC’s Special Edition programme, which seeks to address the gender imbalance in senior management
and at board level. The training arms women in digital industries with the necessary skills, experience and
network to progress their careers. I’m excited to see the programme running for its seventh year with support
from Scottish Enterprise, Screen Scotland, BBC Nations and Regions and Channel 4. Congratulations to this year’s
chosen delegates.”

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