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TRC Network

On completion of a TRC training course, participants will become part of the TRC Network: a community of creative individuals in Scotland and beyond.

Launched as part of TRC’s 20th birthday celebrations in Summer of 2018, the Network is a new way for TRC alumni to share knowledge and news, advice and experience.

Sometimes in this industry it can feel like you’re working long hours and have your blinkers on, so your network is the people within the four walls that you work with. Courses like Special Edition allow you to reach out to people that are in similar lines of work and collaborate with them for discussion on new ideas and creativity… There’s a brilliant cross-pollination of the creative digital sector now, thanks to TRC.

Laura McHard, Soluis
Laura McHard, Frame

The introductions to mentors and coaches and the trip to San Francisco have been extremely useful, but it's been the opportunity to network with and learn from my peers in the industry over the last 6 months that has been most valuable.

Nathan Fulwood, CreateFuture

Leading a development team can be a lonely role, but training like this, in a fun, interactive and informative way, alongside others in the same job, has been really beneficial.

Rosy Marshall-McCrae, STV Productions
Rosy Marshall-McCrae, STV Productions

TRC Alumni News

Highlights of 2018

What a year it's been! Here's our round up of some of the best bits from our 20th year. 

Jane Muirhead named Chair of TRC Board

Managing Director of Raise the Roof Productions is the new Chair of TRC. 

Creative Breakfast - How Can the Scottish Creative Sector Conquer the World?

There’s world-class creative talent in Scotland. How can we share what we have to offer with the world?
Join Whitespace, TRC and a panel of internationally seasoned digital creatives for a morning of breakfast brain fuel and discussions on how to put Scotland on the map.

Our 20th birthday publication