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What made you apply to SuperSizing Development Teams?

The SuperSizer course is very good and this is a smart evolution – having the whole team involved and on the same page and experiencing the same coaching was a no-brainer for us. Working remotely during the pandemic was particularly tough on development and the creative process, so being able to re-cement the team post-pandemic was important. As well as that, we recognise how relentless and unforgiving development can be – doing this course exercised other bits of our brains, refreshed and challenged our approaches, and rekindled enthusiasm for development and creating exciting ideas.

What was your biggest takeaway for the team?

You can go from blank piece of paper to pitch-able idea in two hours. We did this in one of the last sessions, using the slides and interrogating the idea using the system that we’ve since adopted.

“Know your diamonds” was a great phrase that reminds us to ask whether the idea meets the commissioner/broadcaster’s genuine need.

How did the SuperSizing Development Teams programme help your company?

It has changed the way we brainstorm because the methods deliver results. We learned how to clearly structure development sessions, giving people clear tasks with a clear timeframe, clear rules and nothing being struck down in infancy. And it works.

We’ve been rigorous in being able to say concisely what the idea is – and the difference between a thought and an idea.

We’ve incorporated the games into ideas meetings and we’ve used the POINT system to test ideas and to analyse shows we currently make when we come to pitching further series.

What advice would you give to someone applying to SuperSizing Development Teams ?

Do it. You won’t regret it.


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