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What made you apply to SuperSizing Development Teams?

The opportunity to have our team on this course really couldn’t be missed. We’re a small and agile company, and work across a whole variety of projects from TikTok campaigns through to broadcast docs. The common thread across all of this is development and the generation of ideas and pitches, and we’d never had any formal training as a team in this area, so this seemed like an amazing opportunity.

What was your biggest takeaway for the team?

There were so many amazing takeaways. I think the biggest one was just understanding a lot more about how to develop your idea in the right ways to then present it really powerfully and convincingly. The course was so well structured – taking us from the beginnings or idea development right through all the different parts of the process, and ending with a pitching workshop – which helped us build our own process and structure as we went along. Also, a specific takeaway was being encouraged to remove unnecessary detail from ideas, pitches and presentations, and instead focussing on the parts that really matter. This has been a really simple thing that we have kept coming back to in our pitches since then, and has proved very effective in helping us win work.

How did the SuperSizing Development Teams programme help your company?

The course has hugely helped our company - firstly by helping improve our development and pitching process and winning work off the back of this, but also by giving the whole team a really solid foundation for how we work together and a plan for how we can continue to grow in our work. Doing the course as a collective team was vital for this, and means we’re all on the same page going forward. In the past, members of the team have done training individually and although the knowledge and experience can be shared with the wider team, a lot is lost. Working as a team throughout this course means that we can keep referencing things we learnt, techniques we tried, and call out different bad habits that we all agreed to address. This has meant that the amazing learnings on the course are now being lived out and grown upon going forward, rather than forgotten about.

What advice would you give to someone applying to SuperSizing Development Teams ?

Anyone who works in or leads a development or creative team should definitely apply for the course. It’s been incredibly informative and inspiring, and has been of huge value to our team both individually and collectively. It has set us up for success in our development, and we are already seeing the fruits of this. Our pitching has never been so strong.


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