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Jennifer Gilroy

Jen Gilroy

SuperSizer Alumni

Jennifer Giroy is Development Executive at Firecracker Scotland. Jennifer was a delegate of the pilot SuperSizer programme in 2017-2018. 

Stu Thomson

Cross Creative Alumni

Stu is founder and director of Cut Media, a Glasgow-based creative content agency working with global brands. Stu was on the Cross Creative 2017/18 programme. 

Daniel Rae

Cross Creative Alumni

Daniel is Co-Founder and Strategy Director of specialist social media agency Hydrogen and was a delegate of the 2017/18 Cross Creative programme.

Laura McHard

Special Edition Alumni

Laura McHard is Lead Creative at Soluis and a delegate of the 2017/18 Special Edition programme.

Lynsey Briston

Special Edition Alumni

Lynsey Briston is User Satisfaction Manager at Skyscanner and part of the Special Edition Class of 2017.

Andrew Dobbie

Cross Creative Alumni

Andrew Dobbie is the Founder of creative agency Made Brave.

Cat Leaver

Special Edition Alumni

Cat Leaver is Project Director at Brand Scotland, overseeing a new marketing strategy for Scotland. She was part of the first ever Special Edition cohort back in 2013. 

Debbie Ross

Cross Creative Alumni

Debbie Ross is Creative Executive Producer at Axis Animation shares what she took from Cross Creative.

David Strachan

International Alumni

David Strachan is Managing Director of Tern TV.

Kate Bordwell

Special Edition Alumni

Kate Bordwell is Head of Digital Strategy with the creative agency The Union.