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D-I Brown

Lead Project Manager on BBC Scotland’s Project 2018

D-I has recently moved to this role to work both Director, BBC Scotland and Project Director, Scotland 2018 to support in the bringing together of all the necessary parts to deliver a new and successful TV channel for Scotland and the necessary business re-engineering required to support the new channel and the transformation agenda for BBC Scotland.  Specifically he is leading the development of an Out of Glasgow Strategy and is responsible for major projects.

Immediately prior to this role, D-I led a review of the BBC’s off-air talent developing a strategy to address the attendant issues relating to IR35 and other legislative changes.  This task was a part of his role as Group Head of Talent where, working with other Resourcing & Talent colleagues across the BBC, the team oversaw the attraction and allocation of the UK’s best production talent onto BBC Productions.  The development of talent and the championing of diversity & new entrants has been a key aspect of his working life at the BBC, where, amongst other initiatives he worked with the Stephen Lawrence Foundation to create an entry level scheme in the BBC, called the Stephen Lawrence Traineeship.

Beyond working in the people and talent attraction area, D-I has worked in a range of production roles across a wide array of programmes across television and radio, as well as presenting programmes in his early career.