Special Edition- Halfway Point!

Posted by on Oct 14, 2016


October marks the half-way point for our Special Edition programme- the perfect landmark to check in with our six wonderful delegates.

Before jumping in to pick their brains about the programme so far, here’s a little background on Special Edition.

What? Special Edition is TRCmedia’s transformative training & development programme for top women in digital in Scotland.

Why? Here at TRC we recognise that women are under-represented at Board level in the digital/tech sector in Scotland. With this in mind we devised a professional development programme that seeks to help ambitious, talented women fulfil their full potential and reach the very top of their game.

How? Launching in August 2016 and spanning a period of six months, the programme will see our six carefully chosen delegates from leading and emerging Scottish digital companies undertake a series of development sessions focusing on improving confidence, boosting entrepreneurial skills, expanding professional networks and ultimately setting them on a career trajectory with sights firmly set on the Board room.

As if all this wasn’t enough, we even take the lucky ladies on an international business trip where they’ll visit digital centres of excellence to meet and learn from some of the most inspirational, exciting and influential business leaders in the industry.

Having completed half of their Glasgow sessions and with the coveted international trip looming ever closer, we thought now would be a good time to check in with the delegates and see how the programme is going so far.

After a rigorous application process, team TRC were delighted with the calibre of successful professional women selected as the chosen six. It seems the feeling was mutual:


Teresa Aitken, Blonde Digital

I am amazed, impressed and inspired by the wonderful women I’ve met and hope that we will achieve great things together over the next few months.

Claire Wood, The Leith Agency



Top to bottom, L-R: Claire Wood- The Leith Agency, Danae Shell- FreeAgent, Laura Boyle- Dog Digital, Kaye Symington- Paved with Gold, Sarah Johnson-Whitespace, Terresa Aitken- Blonde Digital.

The course kicked off with an emphasis on setting goals as a key tool for career progression, allowing the delegates to reflect on their own business goals and giving them practical advice on how to see results.

I’m so, so delighted that I get to be a part of Special Edition, and even after just one session, I can already tell that it’s going to have a huge impact on my career and my life!

Danae Shell, FreeAgent


Kaye Symington, Paved with Gold

‘I left feeling inspired, like I could take on the world!’

Laura Boyle, Dog Digital

The focus then shifted to creative leadership, with an emphasis on honing key skills and encouraging the delegates to share knowledge and ideas with each other. session2

I came out with a huge list of practical techniques and solutions to apply to both the agency and my department. I was genuinely itching to get back into the office and put all of the outcomes of the session into practice – some of which I have done already.

Sarah Johnson, Whitespace

How to address difficult conversations in the workplace was the launch pad for the October session, where the now tight-knit group were able to take on challenging tasks in an open and encouraging environment. They were one delegate down due to business commitments (missed you, Kaye!), but will be reunited as a group again next month for what looks to be another inspiring session.

You can keep up to date with the programme on social media through our hashtag: #TRCspecialedition.


Special Edition is funded by BBC, Channel 4, Scottish Enterprise and Creative Scotland.

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