Yolander Yeo is the founder and CEO of Yo Design. Here’s her take on Special Edition.


Special Edition gave me the confidence to leave the company I co-founded to start a business that I truly believed in.


Applying with an open mind, I had no expectations of the course, naively leaping into one of the most career shaping environments available to women in the digital sector. Mentors and sessions are bespoke, curated to develop each delegate’s individual goals. Quickly, I gained the confidence to share my voice and catapult my creativity.

My penny dropping moment came during the international field trip, I realised that if I could sit around a table with the likes of Facebook and Waze and confidently tell them who I am and what I do, then I could definitely do it anywhere – so I did.

Special Edition has given me strength and reassurance, knowing that walking away from something I’d built wasn’t a failure. I now use a lot of the techniques I learned, such as SMART goals, in my client pitches and creative briefs.

My nugget of advice to women in the digital/tech sector is to go for it! Don’t wait for permission, confidence is believing you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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