Debbie Ross is Creative Executive Producer at Axis Animation shares what she took from Cross Creative.debbie-axis-- web


Cross Creative taught an old dog new tricks!

I’ve been working as a producer for over 20 years and I’d like to think I know the industry inside out.Carving my skill set mainly on the job, I was keen to sharpen my career in a business sense, so applied for Cross Creative.

Negotiation was never an area I needed to work on, I was confident using tried and tested methods – until I watched video footage of myself during role play. Instantly, I recognised that my body and voice was saying opposing things. Too often we can’t see our mistakes until they’re shown to you – and I was doing a lot wrong!

From the get go, you truly get out what you put in from Cross Creative. It’s not a cookie cutter programme, workshops respond to its delegates’ aims to ensure they get the most from the opportunity. Spend time on your application and be honest, I did, and today I’m braver and have the confidence to stick to my guns without feeling apologetic.

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