Andrew Dobbie is the Founder of creative agency Made Brave.Here is what he took from participating in Cross Creative.


Cross Creative made me take time out to work on the business, rather than in the business.

Andrew - webWorking in such a fast-paced industry, I found it a challenge to take a step back and strategically look at the agency as a whole. We are successful, but I was keen to see how other companies operate and Cross Creative was an ideal platform to do so.

The international field trip to San Francisco was a game changer – we visited companies that I’d been watching from afar and appreciating their work, now we were face to face discussing an agency I’d built up from £1000. It was reassuring to know that even the biggest tech corporations, like Dropbox, are made up of people just like me and they too have faced the same hurdles.

To anyone thinking of applying for the Cross Creatives programme, go for it! Be open and honest, both in your application and during the course. You will reap the rewards. Overall, it is a fantastic experience that has been very valuable both personally and professionally.

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