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11 April

TRC media is delighted to announce the appointment of new Managing Director

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TRC Media is one of the top training providers in the UK, with a long-standing reputation for producing industry-led programmes that deliver impact and results across broadcasting and digital media. The Board of Trustees has appointed Margaret Scott and Claire Scally as joint Managing Director from 16th May. David Wightman, Chair of TRC Media Board […]

2 July

New programme: International Development Programme

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TRC is offering key development executives at Scottish independent production companies a unique opportunity to build their knowledge and connections in international markets. The International Development Programme is an exciting opportunity to achieve essential professional growth and gain a competitive edge. It is aimed at experienced people whose primary role within their companies is in […]

18 June

Creative Breakfast with Soluis

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On June 11th, we hosted a Creative Breakfast entitled: Augmented and Virtual: a new reality for the creative industries? The Oculus Rift gets all the headlines but Microsoft, Sony and a host of Silicon Valley start-ups are racing to market with head-mounted displays. Gartner predicts more than 25 million unit sales by 2018 as immersive […]

27 January

Special Edition in San Francisco #sesf15

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This year’s Special Edition is touring San Francisco and Silicon Valley in early February, meeting with some fantastic companies. Our thanks to everyone who’s supporting the trip. Follow progress live right here #sesf15

20 November

Cross Creative: the inside story

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Jim Wolff, digital creative strategist with Leith, was one of the delegates on last year’s Cross Creative. This programme (like Special Edition) includes a mind-blowing field trip to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Jim tells the story of that trip right here. Well worth a read!

  • Patrick Haugsen, Tern – NDI

    The NDI shone a light on the entire development process and provided amazing access to Commissioners we rarely get to meet.

    - Patrick Haugsen, Tern – NDI
  • Grant Alexander, Beartrap Games – Cross Creative

    From start to finish, the whole course is a life-changer, not just a business-changer. Cross Creative has unleashed the passionate entrepreneur in me. My ambition has been reignited!

    - Grant Alexander, Beartrap Games – Cross Creative
  • Donna McAvoy – Gen Up

    Gen Up is the nitro-boost that has started my career!

    - Donna McAvoy – Gen Up
  • Jim Brown, B4 Film – Australia Trip

    I believe that what TRC is doing on the international stage is exceptional and incredibly important to the future of the Scottish independent sector. You are opening the doors and making it possible for us to walk through and present our ideas and our talent

    - Jim Brown, B4 Film – Australia Trip
  • Audrey Mason, Mantra – Special Edition

    Life-changing and transformative! I’ve been in business for a decade but I learned more about it in three days in San Francisco!

    - Audrey Mason, Mantra – Special Edition

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